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        With the help of Swegde, the inheritor of Lævateinn, Modi, and Magni managed to repulse the invasion of the demon army. Demon corpses covered the ground. All of the soldiers cheered because they had snatched victory and defended their important home and loved ones. After the demons retreated, the lights of Swegde’s Lævateinn, Modi’s god hammer, and Magni’s god shield dimmed. Swegde examined her sword, which piqued Modi’s curiosity. Swegde told him that she could not use Lævateinn to its full potential.

        ‘How did you master the power of Thor’s relics?’

        ‘We have no idea…’ Modi and Magni exchanged looks and smiled. ‘When we think and fight for each other, the relics glow...The relics may sense our minds.’

        Swegde realized something after listening to Modi and Magni, but she could not describe it. At that moment, a thought flashed into her mind. She said, ‘The situation of the North is critical. The demons are ruining the lives of the people here. Since we have inherited the will of the Northern gods, why don’t we unite and fight against the demons together? I believe Freyr and Thor’s spirits will lead us to victory!’ Swegde stepped up to Modi and Magni. They exchanged looks and nodded. ‘We’re doing this!’

        Swegde, Modi, and Magni clanged the three relics and pointed them at the sky. The sound represented the reunion of the Vanir and Aesir, an accomplishment that Freyr and Thor had strived for...At that moment, a soldier ran up to Modi and Magni nervously. He reported, ‘This is bad, Your Highness!’ ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘The demon army is headed for Folkvangr!’

        ‘What?’ Swegde screamed as she heard that the demons were going to invade her country. ‘W-what do we do? Father...his royal soldiers aren’t enough to fight the demon army!’ Modi wrapped his hands around hers, staring at her. ‘Calm down. We’ll ride to Folkvangr together now. Your country and your father will be safe.’

        Swegde led Modi and Magni to Folkvangr via a shortcut through the hills. As they arrived at a mountain near Folkvangr, what they saw shocked Swegde — countless demon soldiers had surrounded Folkvangr!

        A man’s corpse hung on the front gate of the walls. He wore an armor engraved with the royal emblem. Swegde remembered this emblem from when she was small. The emblem belonged to her father.

        ‘F-Father...This is impossible...This...I…’ Swegde gawked and stammered to herself. At that moment her will and mind became fraught with raging hatred. She gritted her teeth until blood gushed out of her lips. Her ferocious look worried Modi and Magni. They tried to comfort her, but it was too late. She slapped their hands away, whipped her horse, and charged into the demon army alone!

        ‘How dare you kill my father...Unforgivable! I’ll wipe out all of you!’ yelled Swegde frantically. Seeing how reckless Swegde had become, Modi and Magni could not help worrying, so they tailed her immediately.

        On the way, Modi brandished his god hammer to summon thunderbolts to eliminate the demons trying to raid Swegde; Magni raised his shield to protect Swegde from the demons. Everything seemed to be going well until Swegde crossed the moat. A burning dragon stood in their way! Fire elemental power converged in the dragon’s mouth, and it launched a fireball at Modi and Magni. They pulled their horses to dodge the attacks, but the fire dragon timed their movements and swung its tail at them. Modi and Magni were wiped off the horses, and their god hammer and god shield bounced away.

        ‘Ugh...Ouch!’ Modi endured the pain and sprang up. He saw Magni lying on a nearby grass field. He shook him as he yelled, ‘Magni! Magni! But Magni showed no signs of consciousness. At that moment, the dragon began gathering fire elemental power again and aimed at the unconscious Magni.

        “I won’t let you die!” Modi looked around and found his god shield behind his legs. He picked it up quickly and shielded the fire floating towards Magni.

        “Please, God Shield. Protect my brother, Magni!” The shield felt his love and began flashing. In a blink, it became a shield of light that easily blocked all of the flames.

        ‘Ugh...Where am I...Modi, are you hurt?’ ‘No, but my fatigue is getting worse…’ The fire dragon’s power amplified. It was about to defeat Modi. Magni searched for his god hammer and found it in a nearby bush. Magni sprinted at the bush, picked the god hammer up, and raised it high.

        “Thor’s god hammer! Please unleash your fury. Defeat the enemy that injured my brother!” Magni’s prayer caused the god hammer to flash. It was a kind of light that no one had ever seen before. In a blink, a giant thunderbolt launched at the fire dragon. It growled in pain and fell.

        ‘Nice work!’ ‘You too!’ Modi stepped up to Magni, and they clenched each other’s hands. Swegde’s furious yelling reminded them that it was not the time to lower their guard.

        ‘Hurry up!’ ‘She needs us.’

        Modi and Magni knew only the inheritors of the relics of god could support Swegde, who had lost all of the pillars in her life…’