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        Goddess Artemis went on a hunt late at night, shooting a glittering arrow at her prey. The moment the arrow was off the bow, the elemental power flowed from the vibrating string to Artemis’s fingertips. Going all the way to her subconsciousness, the elements extracted an aged-old memory, something that she could never forget.

        Before Artemis and her brother Apollo became gods, these parentless siblings were living a life where they had nothing but each other. The young Apollo had no choice but to stay indoor, for he was weak and ill. Despite his sickness, Artemis had never given up on him while she had been gathering a double portion of food on her own.

        “Brother, I’ve found so many fresh fruits today!” Artemis came to Apollo’s bedside excitedly with a basket full of fruits.

        “Thank you, but the forest is dangerous. Don’t push yourself too much,” said Apollo, sitting straight with a smile on his pale face.

        “Don’t worry. I take the routes that have no beasts around.” While Artemis was reassuring Apollo, she had a thought, “I’ll overcome any and every danger as long as it’s for my brother!”

        Chatting with Apollo while enjoying fruits was the best thing Artemis had ever asked for, but the good time was ruined by a fierce roar and a violent smash.

        “This...This is a grizzly bear from the forest! It must be hunting for food...I need to protect my brother!”

        With that thought, Artemis stood in front of Apollo with a wooden bar on her hands.

        Bash! The door was smashed into pieces by the bear, which was snarling at Artemis and Apollo. What the siblings were facing was a death threat.

        “Artemis, run!”

        Apollo spent all his strength to push Artemis, but his weak arms couldn’t even move her a bit.

        “I won’t leave you behind, and I won’t let anyone hurt you!”

        Artemis hit the bear with the bar, yet her attack was merely adding fuel to its hostility.

        With a deafening roar, the bear was about to maul Artemis, who could barely defend herself with her arm. A long wound was opened up on the scarless skin. Meanwhile, the bear was aiming at her throat——

        “Goddamned beast, don’t you hurt Artemis on my watch!”

        The life-and-death situation brought out the divine strength in the enraged Apollo. As the godly power flowed in his veins, he stopped gasping and his limbs were no longer powerless.

        Apollo took his mother’s bow and arrows hanging on the wall and shot swiftly. All of them were into the bear’s head, killing it instantly.


        “Brother...Boohoo...It’s terrifying…”

        Apollo went over to hold the terrified Artemis into his arms, while Artemis grabbed his collar tightly as if she might lose him anytime.

        “Worry not. I will always protect you. I will become the light that brightens up your path, and no one can keep us apart,” said Apollo determinedly as he sensed his sister’s fear. The heart-warming hug and words made Artemis feel so much secure.

        Ever since the awakening of his godly power, Apollo grew much stronger, becoming the guiding light of Artemis rather than her liability.

        The siblings then lived a life of hunting and fishing, but all the tough and dangerous works were Apollo to take, letting Artemis grow up under his care. It was a hard life indeed, yet those days were beautiful and full of love, and it also made Apollo irreplaceable in her heart.

        However, the eternal bonding between the siblings disconnected as the divine thunder struck. Apollo was granted the power of light by Zeus, as well as the responsibility to uphold justice and law on behalf of Zeus.

        “Brother will be away for awhile. I need to get my bow and learn to survive on my own.”

        Apollo the God of the Sun stepped out of the door of their home. Artemis couldn’t even watch him leave under the burning hot sunshine.

        Apollo brought the light to humanity, yet he also brought darkness to Artemis, whose eyes felt like burning under sunlight. She was nearly blind in daytime, turning her into a nocturnal being.

        “I thought we said no one could separate us. Why did you leave me?” Artemis was curling up at a corner of the dark house, avoiding the shiny sunlight.

        Artemis could barely open her eyes in the dimmed surroundings, but everything had lost the colour it was supposed to have. Things appeared to be black and white just like Artemis’s heart, also the barrier between her and Apollo.

        “I hate nights. I need to get back my light.”

        Reminiscing Apollo’s tenderness, Artemis decided to start on her journey to seek her brother’s light.

        With the daytime blindness, Artemis could only travel at night time. This night, she went on a hunt for food.

        This was Artemis’s first solo hunt, who was moving along the bushes nervously while bearing the hunting techniques taught by Apollo in mind.

        Suppressing the nervousness, Artemis aimed her arrow at the slumbering beast. It was a precise shot but it was not deadly. The provoked beast then pounced on this unwanted silver-haired visitor.

        Driven by the survival instinct, Artemis defended herself against the ferocious bite with her bare arm. The two then engaged in a nasty fight.

        Kicking the beast at its abdomen, Artemis managed to widen the distance between them. Just when she tried to make another shot, the beast was already on its way to pounce on her again. Artemis had no choice but to throw away her bow and fight with a single arrow.

        At the crucial moment, Artemis thrusted the arrow into the beast’s mouth, piercing through its skull. The weight of the dead beast pinned her down onto the ground, while the hot blood was all splashed on her face.

        After a while of silence, Artemis finally pushed the dead beast away and sat up straight. The silver hair was stained by the crimson blood, adding a spooky vibe to Artemis.

        “I can still move on even without light,” Artemis mumbled, staring at her thin palms.

        Despite the pain from the wounds, Artemis managed to stand up and gaze at the breaking dawn. Even though her eyes felt like on fire, she never wanted to look away.

        “But I still can’t give up on that heart-warming light.”

        Artemis, picked up the bow, resumed her journey to the light again, for there resided her dearest brother.

        At that time, she had never expected that it was her brother’s cruelty that awaited her...