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        Knowing Felix’s intention and to take back the Ancestral Elements, Basti decided to follow him and his mercenary band secretly. One day, she saw Felix wrap something up in a rag. He said a few words to the other members and scurried away. Basti felt a subtle power identical to that of the Ancestral Elements in the rag. Felix bounced through the city easily. He scampered on the roofs and lept into a dark alley. After looking around to make sure nobody was following him, he crawled through a cracked hole in the walls. Basti was an agile cat like Felix but she still had a hard time following him. She gritted her teeth.
        Basti kept a distance in case Felix noticed. She followed him through the hole and found him saluting a cloaked man. He smiled cheekily at the man and unwrapped the rag, in which the Ancestral Elements lay gleaming brightly! Basti was shocked to find out Felix had the Ancestral Elements. The cloaked man was a bit confused, but his eyes gleamed with excitement. He reached his withered hands towards the Ancestral Elements…
        ’The Ancestral Elements are the power that created the gods. It’s sacred and inviolable! Get your filthy hands away from it!’ Basti could not bear to see the Ancestral Elements snatched away. She rushed to Felix and the cloaked man without thinking. ‘Basti? Why are you…’ ‘This man is surrounded in evil atmosphere! You must not give him the Ancestral Elements!’
        Right at that moment, Basti heard tremendous footsteps in front of her. The cloaked man had summoned two monstrous creatures! ‘Keep your nose out of my business!’ The man raised his hand and the two creatures began attacking Basti. They exhaled dark purple energy balls as they scuttled towards her. Her dwarfish body allowed her to dodge the attacks effortlessly. She could slip through their fingers even if they tried to catch her. Moments later, she jumped high and blasted dark energy onto the creatures, sending up clouds of dust…
        When Basti thought she had defeated them, the cloaked man laughed. Intense purple light glowed in the dust. A giant arm came out of the light and pressed Basti down before she could react! The great impact blew off the dust and revealed a humongous organism combined from the two creatures. Their arm applied great pressure on her. She struggled to break free to no avail.
        ’Luckily, I’ve brought two Nightfall Combatants as my guards.’ The cloaked man walked past Basti to Felix and said, ‘Can we continue our deal? Just give me the Ancestral Elements…’ The cloaked man took a potion out and continued, ‘and you’ll have your figure back and live happily ever after.’ ‘No! Don’t listen to him!’ Basti cried nervously. Felix looked at the man’s grin and then glanced at Basti’s begging eyes. He shut his eyes and yelled, ‘Shut up, both of you!’
        Felix walked to the cloaked man. The man reached his hands towards the Ancestral Elements, but Felix pulled back the rag and smiled, ‘Humph! No one can tell me what to do!’ He scratched at the man’s face with his claws, leaving the man screaming in pain.
        Felix’s shout distracted the Combatants, making them loosen their hands. Basti did not miss the opportunity to slip away. ‘I knew you weren’t a bad person.’ ‘I have my own plan.’ Basti smiled and raised her staff to gather dark elemental power. The Ancestral Elements glowed as the staff’s Power Ball grew bigger. ‘My great ancestor, grant me the power to defeat darkness!’ A massive energy ball blasted the Combatants and the cloaked man as she swung her staff!
        The cloaked man and the Combatants vanished along with the light and dust. Felix passed the Ancestral Elements to Basti and said, ‘Take it! Don’t follow me.’ She was confused and said, ‘You’re going home! You started everything!’ Her arms grabbed his. Felix looked at her and smiled.
        ’I underestimated these animals.’ In a dark corner, the cloaked man circulated his magic energy to turn himself into a shadow, merging into the darkness...