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        Nohime opened her eyes and found herself at the bottom of a dry well. It was at least 20 meters high, not an easy climb. She forced a smile.
        “I barely escaped, but now I’m stuck in this bloody well. How can I get my freedom?” She touched her hair scarf, reminding her of a comrade’s last words. Nohime reached out towards the sky and clench her fist.
        “The reason for coming here is to get my freedom!” Her hair scarf seemed to sense her feeling. It floated in the air and circled her, which then turned into countless living-like steel wires wrapping her body. Nohime felt something inside her, something that made her body as light as a feather. She danced by instinct; the steel wires elongated and interlaced in the well echoing with her move, and then a ladder was woven. Nohime kneeled on one knee and gasped for breath. Her mind was as heavy as a hammer. Looking at the ladder like a work of art, she was totally stunned and could not believe this truth.
        Nohime got out of the well after calming down. She passed through a forest to an abandoned village. Inside a house, Nohime saw various utensils on the table, but the food was already rotten.
        “It seems the villagers left in hurry, but why?” Suddenly, some noises outside interrupted Nohime’s thinking. She leaned over the side and peeped through a broken window to see what was happening. A mad man kept stabbing an elf with a knife, but clearly the elf was already dead.
        “It’s dangerous to get close to those monsters,” Nohime waited the mad men to leave before she went into another house. She took away some necessities, and then headed back to the forest for water. As she was collecting fruits, a beehive as big as a baby fell down in front of her. As soon as it broke, a swarm of giant hornets made a beeline towards Nohime immediately. She jumped on to a tree in no time and sprinted in the woods with lightning speed, but the giant hornets were still at her heel.
        “Sooner or later they will catch up...I’ll probably die if I get stung,” she murmured. Then, Nohime turned right to a lake. The reflection of its surface was flashing in the woods. She took a deep breath and dived into the water, trying to reach to the bottom. But the giant hornets did not give up, still hovering on the surface. Lacking Oxygen, Nohime looked extremely painful. “No! I can’t die here,” she struggled hard in her mind.
        The hair scarf split in the light, turning into steel wires flying out of the lake. In the blink of an eye, all giant hornets were pierced through. Nohime could not hold any longer; she gasped for air as soon as she swam to the surface. Just like the last time, her head was heavy. Blurred by the water, Nohime managed to crawl to the land, and the steel wires also returned to its original form. “My consciousness is gone. This is an unusual weapon. I should not rely on it,” she pondered as she touched the hair scarf.
        Afterwards, Nohime had acted more carefully. She took down enemies with her hidden weapon instead, and got used to living in this land. She had been living alone, until one day she heard a man calling out——