In order to avoid the chase of the mad men, Nohime and Nobunaga, a young man saved by her, took a leap of faith to jump off the cliffs together——
        Plop! Both of them fell into a river with a big splash, and then swam to the shore.
        “Hahaha! We made it! I’m really a genius!” Nobunaga burst into laughter, but Nohime clearly did not enjoy it. She kept choking and coughing, and stared at him in anger.
        “What are you thinking! Luckily we fell into the water. If not, we’re dead now!”
        “I know there is a river down the cliffs.” Nohime was shocked. Nobunaga said confidently as he pointed to his head, “Do you remember the night I climbed up the tree to watch the moon? I’ve memorized the terrain nearby at that moment. That’s why I jumped...No, even if I don’t know, I’ll still jump down.” He took off his wet coat and wrung it out.
        “He is not simple. I really want to live a free life like him…” Nohime’s eyes lingered on Nobunaga for a moment, until he waved his hands in front of her. “What?” She asked as she turned her face away.
        “You’ll catch a cold if you still wear the wet coat. I go find some firewoods.” Soon, Nobunaga was back with a few branches. Both of them worked together to light a fire and hung up the coats around it. At this moment, Nobunaga’s stomach was rumbling.
        “We were busy at running and haven’t eaten anything today. Let’s find some food.” He crafted a wooden spear with a stone and crouched down beside a mirror-like river. Raising the spear, Nobunaga kept an eye on the surface. Suddenly, there was a ripple; Nobunaga hurled the spear into the water and accurately pierced through a fish.
        “Haha! Bravo! One more!” He danced with joy, as if he already forgot they were just chased by the mad men. Nohime kept staring at him with a throb in her heart. Then, Nobunaga cut and roasted the fish and it. “Why does the hairpin turn into a weapon?” He pulled out the ebony harpin and said. “No idea. My hair scarf is the same case.”
        “One thing for sure is that, when I use this weapon, my sense seems to drain away...A strange island, the violent mad men and such mysterious hairpin, all these things seem to force us to rely on the power of our weapons, but why...Ah! My head hurts. Forget about it!” Nobunaga lay down. “Aren’t you going to find your sister?” Nohime asked.
        “There is no need to hurry. It’s full moon tonight. She should be fine.” Nobunaga wore a troubled look, but soon he got a grip and said, “Tell me more about you.”
        “I...have nothing to say.” “You’re cunning.”
        Nohime did not want Nobunaga to bother her, so she sat far away from him deliberately. Suddenly, someone sneaked up on her; Nohime took out a dagger with her right hand by instinct and pointed to his throat.
        “Hey, my heart hurts seeing you treat me like that. I just want to bring you food,” Nobunaga mocked at her, showing no care for the dagger.
        “...Thanks,” Nohime was embarrassed. She immediately turned around after taking the fish. “Why can’t I just get rid of my instinct?” Her mind kept thinking these words.
        “I’m full and sleepy now. For our safety, we take turn to rest...but can you let me sleep first?” Nobunaga yawned. Nohime nodded, and then he leant against a tree, fell asleep and snored immediately.
        “I just almost killed him. Why does he sleep so well?” Nohime looked at his sleeping face with gentle eyes. She thought Nobunaga was a weird man, but she did not hate him at all. In Nohime’s heart, Nobunaga was as shine as light.
        “I wish I could be like him. Then I won’t even need to come to this place.”
        The woods were rustling. Nohime set up a trap in front of the bonfire and jumped on to a tree, waiting for the prey to come——

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