‘Life is the beginning of death, which leads to destruction. Death is the end and the start... Extinction is the only way to achieve perfection.’

        Novalis never forgot those voices. The sentences which were repeated in their dreams time after time were the curses which determined their fate.

        The Ethereal Dragon - Faugn, the Horror in the Hills - could almost be regarded as a blood relative of Novalis. He and his companions were adopted and raised by some insane wizards, and all of them possessed the power of the Dark Ethereal Dragon. Growing together with the increasing power of the dragon within them, Novalis’ companions became cruel and desired destruction of everything. However, Novalis was different. He tried hard to reject Faugn’s whispers as he reckoned that there was an aim behind extinction.

        One day, Novalis’ companions argued about what Faugn’s true desire was. Some said the dragon wanted to spread horror to the whole world; some said the dragon came to the world in order to bring utter destruction. As they could not reach a consensus, they attacked each other with their dragon claws and fought each other with the power of the Dark Ethereal Dragon. Seeing his companions losing control, Novalis understood why the dragon was hiding inside the mountains. After that, the wizards restrained their power using enchanted fetters, but this could not control the desire of destruction inside the hearts of the Dark Dragon Spiritors. They went mad again when the wizards were not with them, biting each other like animals. Soon they were engulfed by the maturing power of the Dark Ethereal Dragon within them. Novalis withstood the resonance of Dracospirits and stayed sane. He watched his companions killing each other and gained power from his dying companions. Novalis could sense Faugn’s desire from his power. The fetter could no longer restrain him. After freeing his companions from madness, he left where the wizards lived, and began his journey in search of Faugn.

        “Death is not only the end, but also the beginning.” 一 Novalis the Dragon Follower

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