Varuni put on a close-fitting saree, dancing in a dance house of Sinha. The drape wrapped around her waist, which showcased her voluptuous shape. With golden bracelets on her arms and legs, it made some clear and tonal sounds when they crashed with each other. Varuni gave a seductive smile while shaking her body rhythmically; she stepped forward and changed her moves with elegance.

        Since she saw Brahma in Shatarupa’s room, she knew that his heart was already occupied. No matter how Varuni ingratiated herself with him, or how beautiful she dressed, Brahma just gave her a smile. His eyes never stayed on her for more than a second.

        Varuni, therefore, was thwarted in love. She came to a place of pleasure——the dance house of Sinha. Whenever she successfully seduced a man, she gained confidence in herself…

        “I want to be in the spotlight. I want you all to succumb to my beauty!” The candle light embellished her performance; the feather-like drape was smooth like water as she danced. Such eye-catching moment won everybody’s clap.

        After the show ended, she came to the dressing room. During her change, someone’s whispers reached her ears. Then, Varuni leaned against the wall and eavesdropped out of curiosity.

        “It works! That woman jumped to her death, haha!”
        “She deserves it! Who told her to steal our limelight!”
        “I wonder who will be the next to to take a taste of this poison?”
        “Looks like this poison could help.” Varuni got an idea and had a grin on her face.

        Back to Rahmin, she sneaked in from the backdoor with a mysterious bag. Varuni did not return to her room, instead she went straight towards the Shatarupa’s. As she opened the jar that she brought back, thousands of millipedes came out and crawled to each corner in the room.

        Beclouded by envy, Varuni could not help but imagine how Shatarupa suffered from being bitten and died of poison. “Em...Sorry but Brahma won’t fall for me unless you die,” she smiled.

        Next day, Shatarupa practised with everyone in Indra’s lesson as usual. She had all the seven prana comparable with Indra. The energy was stable and robust, which could easily pass through each channel without being affected by the poison.

        Seeing that Shatarupa was safe and sound, Varuni was getting angry. When Indra announced that Shatarupa was willing to enter the “purusha” state, Brahma’s smile disappeared and he scowled. Such news had made Varuni even angrier, so she left in a rage.

        Varuni ran to a lake and washed her body. She concentrated chakra by drawing the patterns with henna, so as to soothe her fury. The dye slowly penetrated into her skin and affected her nerves, which gave her feelings of limp and numb, ecstasy and mental relief. By the time she woke up, a day had already passed. She was naked, floating on the water, but the body drawings did not wear off at all.

        Indulged in the henna all over her body, Varuni overjoyed. “Hahaha, so it can be used as an anesthetic. I just can’t stop loving you.” She kissed the drawings on the back of her hand.

        At dead of night, Varuni ignited the essential oil made of hina. As she got into the bed of Brahma, it was empty.

        “Varuni, you still don’t give up?” Brahma said from behind.

        “Don’t be that harsh. If you get to know me, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me.”

        “No, I won’t. My heart should belong to Shatarupa.” He gently pushed her away.

        “Should?...Because she has opened up the 7th chakra?”

        “Isn’t it normal to be attracted by the strong? Soon I’ll opened up all.” Brahma walked away from her after leaving these words.

        Varuni finally realized that she lost not because of Shatarupa, but because of the Chakra Theory. Prana rippled in her blood, echoing her furious emotions. At this moment, the henna on her body was giving out a bizarre light. “Then I’ll crush the chakras. Your heart is mine only,” Varuni said determinedly.

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