Raphael scooped up a transparent creature with her elongated spoon scepter. Its tentacles instantly coiled and adhered to the handle; then, with its crystal teeth, it softly bit on the spoon bowl. Raphael retracted and withdrew her scepter; she evaluated the creature’s condition using the secretion it left on the spoon.

        “Finally, you’re safe now...’ Raphael enlarged the spoon bowl and swirled her scepter in water, giving the creature a gentle send-off. She then flew out of water, hovering and gazing at the silver-shining ocean below.

        After so many years, this submerged world had finally nurtured life from nothingness. Yet, these fragile lives were too weak to ever survive in the vast silvery ocean, and this did not change until the appearance of Raphael and her companion Kalaziel. Raphael looked after each species with tender care, leading them away from dangers; this way, life would survive and proliferate despite its fragility. Kalaziel, on the other hand, arranged the trials necessary in life, so that the infants could strengthen and mature through hardship... As the torments Kalaziel dealt out was increasingly arduous, the life forms were eventually forced on a path of the survival of the fittest.

        “You are killing them! Kalaziel, our job is to ensure that they have a safe sanctuary in which to live, isn’t it?”

        Raphael argued strongly on just grounds, and eventually Kalaziel agreed with her. The two Keepers worked together and made compromises among different living things, crafting the future of life forms. With efforts spanning millennia, different communities arose one by one, embellishing the silver-shining world with patterns of stripes and spots.

        Every day, Raphael and Kalaziel would roam the vast ocean, investigating and guarding the prospects of each community.

        “Very well. They have all developed well. From now on, they have to go through hardship so we can decide which of them can continue to survive.”

        To prevent her compassion from hindering her companion’s job, Raphael decided to temporarily go away and entrust the world to him. She left for another world to visit her elder, who was both her teacher and friend.

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