You light up the way with fire. An exquisite armor appear in front of you, with ancient characters densely carved on it. Gungnir, the spear of eternity gripped tightly by the armor, is radiating indigo lightning. You know the armor is empty within, yet you fear the overwhelming aura of the allfather. Heroically, he is riding on Sleipnir, peering at you from the Seal. Although you cannot see his eyes, you can still feel his gaze upon you…

        What is courage? It is the ability to control your fear. You stress to yourself that you are not afraid of the individual standing in front of you. As you raise your Seal Cards against Odin, Glauox speaks to you again:

        “Human, before your eyes is Odin, the Allfather of Gods. Having Gungnir in hand, riding on Sleipnir, he bows only to the brave...”

        With determination, you summon the heroic spirits sealed in the cards. Surrounded by them, you are more than ready for a battle. Suddenly, you hear a voice of a stranger,

        “Human, bring forth your courage to knock me down and kill me. When my soul perishes, it is the time you open up the way to heaven...”

        This is the hint given by the faraway Odin. You know it is his tribute to the strong. You bow solemnly to him with your highest respect. As you do, Glauox says:

        “It seems that Odin has approved your courage. Come on, show your gallantry and battle with the greatest warrior of all!”

        You know deep down in your heart that only through overcoming one’s fear can bravery be achieved. Yet you are now able to sense Odin’s aura of power; he wants not to frighten you, but to win your willful admission of defeat. Your fear fades and instead, you want to defeat him. As if he can read your mind, his pugnacity overflows to every corner of the floor. As it can feel the resolution of its master, Sleipnir neighs and charges at you...

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