Oichi lost control due to the curse inside her body. She attacked an impassive young man Azai who passed by the forest. After sucking his blood, Oichi was fainted when the blood curse wore off. By the time she woke up, she was in a hidden cave.
        “Where am I…” “This is my hideout. I’ve set up traps nearby, so it should be safe temporarily. You can rest here.”
        She heard a man voice in a flat tone, just like a doll. Oichi sat up straight, looking at Azai. The things happened last night flashed in her mind. Noticing the wound on his neck, Oichi could hardly refrain herself and touched it. She stopped immediately as soon as Azai caught her hand. “I’m sorry for hurting you,” she said embarrassedly with a blushing face.
        “Never mind. It’s just a flesh wound.” “Aren’t you afraid of me?” Azai denied and handed a bowl of hot soup to her. The warmth of the soup made Oichi feel relieved, and she began to tell him more about her past.
        “I’m cursed. Exposing to the moonlight will turn me into a bloodthirsty beast. My brother fed me blood to suppress the curse. It’s lucky to have you here last night.”
        “So are you here for removing the curse?”
        “Um? What are you saying?”
        “By the way, where is this place? The whole town is abandoned…” “I don’t know.”
        “Then why are you here?” “I...have to find something.”
        Oichi knew Azai was hiding something, but she no longer asked. All she cared about was her brother Nobunaga.
        “Thanks for looking after me, but I have to find my brother now. He loves messing around. I’m afraid he’ll get into trouble.”
        As Oichi stood up, she tumbled over because of dizziness. The soup splashed to the ground. Azai caught her in time; she tried hard to stand up again, but Azai pressed her against the bed.
        “No way. You haven’t recovered yet. Don’t push yourself too hard. Otherwise, not only are you unable to help your brother, you’ll also become his burden.” Azai poured the soup into the bowl and handed it to Oichi. She took it after calming down as she knew Azai was right. Although Oichi was worried about Nobunaga, she had to rest and recover her strength. It was already dark outside. Oichi felt much better after a sleep. She packed up and bowed to Azai.
        “Thank you for saving my life. If you need me in future, I’ll do my best to help. So long.” Oichi missed Azai. He was not scared off even though he saw her true self. The way he looked at Oichi seemed to tell she was the most beautiful in the world...Azai said as he picked up the backpack, “I’m coming with you.” “What? I...can’t get you into trouble anymore.”
        “Not at all. I want to protect you.” Azai touched her cheeks, but Oichi did not resist. She actually loved Azai. Then, they headed east to search for Nobunaga. Led by Azai, both of them avoided the enemies by going deep into the forest. There were lots of corpses along the road, which gave Oichi an uneasy feeling of danger. Azai kept holding her hand to make her relieved. After a long walk, they took a rest under a tree. Suddenly, there were strange noises coming from the grove. Azai immediately protected Oichi by holding a sword that picked up from a mad man’s body.
        Watching the back of Azai, Oichi did not want to be protected as always. She wished she could protect the one she loved; the silver comb on her head trembled slightly, echoing with her desire...

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