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        “Day after day, year after year, boring.” Yog-Sothoth thought as she played with her magic cube.
        She had been living in the void, which was a gigantic maze created by her power. As an immortal, Yog-Sothoth began to be fed up with such an everlasting yet dull life. She had a longing for something interesting to happen.
        One day, while she was observing the realm as usual, she noticed that the elemental power was reducing. As Yog-Sothoth pondered over the matter, a person came to the void——who was Hades, one of the Gods from alien planets. From Hades, she found out the main reason for the decrease in elemental power——Enochian Tower, which the Gods instructed Humans to built it for absorbing elements, so as to construct the realm of Gods.
        Hades left with a grin after telling Yog-Sothoth the truth; it was clear that the main purpose of Hades coming was to leverage her power to kill Zeus. This, undoubtedly, sent ripples through the plain and boring life of Yog-Sothoth…
        “Create the realm of Gods with the elemental power. Well, it's really a horrific thought. However, why they didn't make any progress after collecting so many elements——” At this moment, the void was shaking. Yog-Sothoth saw Zeus and other Gods come to the entrance of the maze. They sabotaged walls and stairs inside, turning them into ashes.
        “Darn it, Zeus! Watch! I'll trap you in my maze forever!” Yog-Sothoth twisted her magic cube slowly; the void started to distort and shift its shape accordingly, which made Zeus and the Gods waddle. She continued to twist the cube, separating the Gods from Zeus on purpose. After a while, they were completely trapped by walls and stairs.
        When Yog-Sothoth thought they were subdued, the void was shaking violently again! She could feel a strong power approaching her——
        “A lame maze can't trap us all!” Zeus's voice came from above. Before Yog-Sothoth reacted, Zeus had already smashed the maze, leaving numerous broken holes, and finally arrived at the core of the void, where was the location of Yog-Sothoth.
        “Humph! I'm not afraid of you, Zeus.”
        However, when she was about to circulate power to attack Zeus, fire, earth, light and dark elemental spheres were casted from all directions! She was injured by the ambush even though she had conjured an elemental shield in time. The Gods kept attacking nonstop; then, she was tied by chains suddenly! Yog-Sothoth tried to melt the chains with fire, but it was made of element and protected by godly power. Therefore, they were immune from fire attack. With the chains becoming hotter and hotter, Yog-Sothoth began to feel the burning pain.
        “Ah!!” She groaned and stopped resisting. Then, the Gods brought her to Zeus right away——
        “So, you're Yog-Sothoth. I've heard a lot about you. You must have known our plan from Hades, correct? I need your help,” Zeus said in a respectful way.
        “Humph! You guys make me want to throw up! I'm not interested in your game! But...” Yog-Sothoth paused, and then mocked at the Gods, “I can't wait to see your down-and-out faces by the time you failed.”
        Flying into a fury, Zeus created a gigantic prison with his endless power, reshaped the void and trapped Yog-Sothoth inside it. There was only one way connecting the real word with the void. Zeus also created a giant gate and a key. “This is the only key to open this gate. If I destroy it, you'll trap in here forever. So, no more meaningless resistance. Obedience is your only choice,” he said seriously while showing the key to her.
        “I'll never forget this, Zeus!” Yog-Sothoth shouted as she saw Zeus and the Gods leave.
        She managed to break the seal with her own strength, but it was of no avail. She had no choice but to listen his command, diverting the elemental power from the realm of Humans to Gods. At the same time, she absorbed the power into her body in secret, waiting for someday she could break free, someday when the Gods were abandoned...