Minerelves’ Record Story (Prequel) Ch. 6

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        A teenager Moonstone was standing inside a luxurious bedroom, letting a maid dress himself with the uniform of the Minerelf Boys’ School. He frowned as soon as he glimpsed at his sleeve.

        “There’s a loose thread on my sleeve.”

        “I’m sorry! I-I’ll fix it now——”

        “No. Throw it away.”

        “But this was brand new yesterday…” The maid hesitated when she received the order.

        “I don’t wear mended clothes. Get me a new set.”

        Urged by Moonstone, the maid obeyed and took another new uniform for him.

        Moonstone proudly left his bedroom after getting dressed. He walked through a long hallway to the dining lounge, where a full set of breakfast was placed on the long table.

        A butler, waiting next to the seat, bowed with respect as soon as he saw Moonstone.

        “Good morning sir. Breakfast is ready.”

        “Where are my parents?” A hint of disappointment was shown in his gaze when he saw the empty seats.

        “Master is still on his business trip, and madam is out of town to celebrate her sister’s birthday for a few days,” said the butler.

        “Humph...Liars. They’re just having affairs!”

        Although Moonstone knew the truth already, he still felt pain and traumatized inside.

        Unable to vent his emotions, the irritated Moonstone couldn’t stay at this house of a broken family anymore.

        “I don’t want breakfast now. I’m leaving for school,” said Moonstone, walking towards the mansion gate. The panicked butler followed immediately.

        “Sir, let me take your school bag.”

        “No! Don’t come along!” Moonstone refused harshly and avoided the butler to get his bag, who then watched him leaving worriedly.

        “What kind of parents are they! After a month of separation, they didn’t even care about me!”

        Storming out of the mansion, Moonstone got lost because he didn’t pay attention to the direction he was heading to.

        “Where am I? Nevermind. They don’t care even if I go missing. Maybe they’ll feel relieved for getting rid of this liability…”

        The hopeless Moonstone eventually decided to stop looking for the right path. Sitting on the stone fence on the street, he looked up at the clear sky. It was fine weather, and he let his mind drift as soon as he stared at the azure sky.

        “Anyone...please take me away...Away from that hypocrite family…”

        “Whoa! Get out of the way! You’re in danger!” A shout sounded behind Moonstone all of a sudden; meanwhile, he was shrouded by a shade.

        As Moonstone looked up instinctively, he was captivated by a splendid shine, which also overwhelmed him. Lost in the exclamation, he had his face trampled by the minerelf, falling backward into the bushes. At this moment, he felt pain as if hit by a truck, with a footprint on his face.

        “I’m sorry! Are you alright,” the silver-haired “girl” asked in regret. For a moment, Moonstone was stunned to speechless by “her” beauty.

        “I-I’m fine.” Moonstone squeezed a smile in order not to embarrass himself even when his body was hurt like hell.

        “Good...There’s my ride! Bye!”

        The “girl” waved at Moonstone and left in a rush. Meanwhile, he could only keep “her” face in his mind, for he was too painful to do anything to stop “her”.

        “She’s wearing the uniform of the Minerelf Girls’ School...I will find you...No...I will have you!”

        Moonstone, who had his first crush, sworn to himself, but he didn’t know that there was a huge secret about his crush...

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