“Hey old man, I’m going out for fishing!” Ophiuchus shouted at the elderly inside the house, and left with his fishing rod and basket. He stood on a rock as usual, throwing the bait into water sophisticatedly, and started waiting for his prey. Ophiuchus had lost memories of his past, including his origin and family. With this reason, he cherished the old man and the kind-hearted villagers even more.

        “How come there’s no catch for the whole day?” Ophiuchus thought. He rose from sitting on the rock and inspected at the riverside as he couldn’t wait any longer. Surprisingly, not a single fish could be found in the clear water. Ophiuchus reached his hand into the water, feeling a slight unorthodox movement. He calmly observed the surroundings and spotted a pile of stones stacking at the riverside. A smile of triumph appeared on his face as he walked towards the stone pile. Removing one of them, all the fishes were found hiding inside.

        Ophiuchus caught fish so easily that all he did was throwing the bait randomly. At the end, he carried a barrel of fish heading back to the village. Right at the moment, a loud banging sound happened at the village, with rising smoke. Ophiuchus was startled and started hurrying back to the village. “Everyone… please stay safe!” He prayed as he was making his way back.

        When Ophiuchus finally arrived at the village, all he saw was destroyed houses and injured villagers lying in a pool of blood. He freaked out. “Old man…old man!” he called. The old man was lying on the floor dying by the time Ophiuchus rushed home. A god soldier stood beside him, with a sword still dripping with blood. “Run...” The old man said with his last breath. But Ophiuchus was too confused to react to it.

        The soldier scanned Ophiuchus; he laughed out loud once he spotted the snake-shaped mark on Ophiuchus’s neck.

        “I found you!” The soldier blew his horn to signal the others. Footsteps came over and they were getting close! Ophiuchus looked around, realizing that god soldiers had already taken over the village. They were coming over with weapons. Ophiuchus ran towards the forest right away. The soldiers went chasing after him and kept shooting arrow from behind! But it was like a natural instinct in Ophiuchus’ blood, he dodged all the attacks swiftly without even looking at the enemies. The god soldiers were furious about that.

        Ophiuchus kept on running, but the footsteps coming after him only got tighter. At the moment, what happened during fishing flashed into his mind——fish hid themselves behind the rocks to avoid predators. And he started looking for hideouts while running. All of a sudden, he found a cave. Ophiuchus went inside and hid himself behind a rock in a hurry. Finally the soldier lost track of him.

        Ophiuchus regained a moment of peace inside the cave. He opened the basket and the fish inside had already gone bad. These could’ve been a delicious dinner with the old man, and his effort was in vain. The grief hit Ophiuchus, making him burst into tears. He knew that the god soldiers were coming after him; He hated them, but he hated himself even more.

        “Everyone died because of me...Everyone, old man, I’m sorry…So sorry…” he murmured. Looking at the dead fish, Ophiuchus still ate them all even though they stank. He knew that he must survive to retaliate and search for truth.

        Next morning, Ophiuchus peeked outside to make sure the god soldiers coming after him were all gone. Then he sneaked out of the cave, heading to the nearest village.

        Fortunately, Ophiuchus still got some money with him. He bought himself some food and new clothes at the village and hit the road again. He had a gut feeling that everything was connected to his lost memories and identity.

        To discover the truth, Ophiuchus embarked on a journey to recover the lost identity and his past. And loneliness was his only way to avoid dragging innocents into his own business. He never stayed at one place. But fate decided his encounter with two dogs——Mitty and Marble, and he finally got companions.

        This day, they came to a forest and historical remains were located inside. Right when Ophiuchus was drawn to the remains, they heard the noise of battle nearby.

        “Isn’t this Hertz the former Court of Sagittarius? Didn’t know that you’re still alive!”

        Ophiuchus peeked through the bushes. He saw a man with a mechanic lower body is surrounded by four god soldiers. But the man had no intention to interact with them, and continued to repair the remains. The god soldiers felt humiliated. The leader even grabbed Hertz and tossed him aside out of anger. Then he commanded the others to sabotage the work of Hertz.

        “What a lame Court! He can’t even fight back!” The leader raised his sword as he was about to execute him. At the moment, Ophiuchus came out and punched the soldier hard in the face. The impact force made that soldier hit the tree and knocked him out of consciousness. Mitty and Marble then jumped out of the bushes and threatened the soldier by snarling.

        The other three soldiers were stunned; Ophiuchus posed a fighting posture, taunting the soldiers to pick on him. The soldiers attacked him right away! Ophiuchus had already acquired sufficient battle skills throughout the road on the run——he punched a soldier in his stomach and snatched his sword; Then he chopped the second soldier’s leg and immobilized him; Finally he threw the razor-sharp sword at the last soldier. All men were down.

        Meanwhile, the previously knocked-out soldier jumped off a tree and ambushed Ophiuchus! He guarded himself with raised arms as he was too late to dodge the attack. Right at the moment, Ophiuchus felt a powerful energy flowing through his veins and gathered at his hands. Blinding lights glowed from his fists, releasing a powerful energy wave. That soldier was defeated.

        Ophiuchus looked at his hands in shock. The noise nearby reminded him of the man tossed away by the soldiers. Ophiuchus reached his hand to help the man up. “Thank you,” the man said. As both hands touched each other, two forces collided. A huge amount of memories flooded into Ophiuchus’s mind, wrecking him with agonizing headache. Ophiuchus blacked out on the ground.

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