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        It was a sunny afternoon with a soothing breeze, which was perfect for tea and reading in a garden; Yet Einstein had absolutely no mood for that.

        The decently-dressed man, standing in front of Einstein, was Copernicus. He waved at Einstein, greeting him casually, “oh. Hi there!”

        Einstein was a researcher invited to join Lomond Manor, but he was kidnapped to this strange place after an ambush. During the journey to escape, he and his friends had ran into threats. One had to sacrifice so that they could get to this garden.

        Yet they were attacked again in the garden. When Einstein was caught up in the battle with Aristotle, a suddenly appeared light sphere defeated him. And the seemingly harmless Copernicus was the one who launched the attack.

        “...Isn’t he your partner?” Einstein asked. Glimpsing at the fainted Aristotle, Einstein was confused by the whole incident, for Aristotle had taken the hit for him and told him to run. Einstein couldn’t figure out if he was a friend or an enemy.

        “Yes he is, but don’t worry. He’ll be fine.” Not a single hint of guilt could be found in Copernicus’s tone. He walked around Einstein, staring at him; Einstein remained still as he couldn’t figure out the scheme of this person.

        “Wow. Changing the speed of time with element in your age, you’re really a rare genius,” Copernicus said as he stepped forward. He reached a hand at Einstein and continued, “I’m very interested in you. Can you be my research subject?”

        “No thanks. I’m not interested in being someone else’s lab rat. Please accept my refusal,” Einstein said. Just when he wanted to turn around, his legs did the opposite and walked towards Copernicus.

        “All the young people are rebels. Luckily I saw that coming and my little trick can make sure you’ll come,” Copernicus said as he smiled at Einstein, who was walking towards him.

        Einstein surely wouldn’t comply. Despite his struggle slowing down the moving speed, he still couldn’t get rid of Copernicus’ trick.

        Everything was witnessed by Nicole who hid away.

        Nicole was also a researcher invited to join Lomond Manor like Einstein; She was rescued by him when she was trapped in a threat. At that moment, Nicole fell in love with Einstein, deciding that he would be the father of her children.

        “I gotta help Stein, or I’ll lose the father of my children!” Nicole was panicked when she saw her lover trapped by the enemy.

        “I gotta figure out the trick of that fake-smiling man!”

        Putting on the mechanical glasses, Nicole touched the ground to blend her mind into the elements; She felt suffocating without the protection of the vessel. And this was the cost of sharing senses with elements.

        “Hold on...I gotta hold on for Stein!” Nicole overpowered her senses with her will, drifting her mind between elements. Moving towards Copernicus, she saw the mechanism of his trick——a massive enchantment of light element, lurking underneath Copernicus.

        Nicole then took off her glasses and gasped fiercely. The sickness drove her to puke. Instead of wiping off the residue on her chin, she made the out of the blushes. “He...that man planted the element while he was walking, forming an enchantment. It was the enchantment that pulls you to him!” Nicole told Einstein the truth.

        “I see it now,” the relieved Einstein said with a confident smile, and he continued, “then let me crack this enchantment.

        Einstein sped up the time movement around his leg by conjuring massive water element. The accumulated energy generated the speed that exceeded the gravity. With his legs freed, Einstein stamped on the ground.

        Crack! The land started cracking from where Einstein was standing, spreading to everywhere. Just a split second and the land was cracked into a hole.

        Copernicus fell into the hole together with Einstein, but Einstein landed safely for he had already expected it. Next thing after landing, Einstein took the initiative to attack Copernicus, who hadn’t got steady on his feet.

        Yet a giant figure came out of nowhere, pushing Einstein a few steps back. The giant figure landed few feets away from him.

        “Stein!” Nicole ran to Einstein as the danger was temporarily eased. “Stein Stein Stein Stein!” the worried Nicole yelled, holding Einstein’s arm tight.

        “Hey, I’m here,” Einstein whispered at her, “thank you. I’m safe because of you.” He soothed her hair gently.

        “...Then make babies with me.”

        “Sigh. You’re still insisting on that,” a familiar female voice spoke. Looking up, there was a slender figure standing on a metal giant .

        “Gali! This is great! You’re alive!” Nicole was so excited that she let go of Einstein’s arm. Before she could run towards the lady, Einstein pulled her back.

        “What’s wrong, Stein?” Nicole asked.

        Einstein stared at that lady——Galileo the golden scientist.

        “No injuries on the right arm, and the new clothes...Could it be——” Einstein deduced in his mind.

        “Nicole, do you remember the reason for establishing Lomond Manor?”

        “Of course! I have photographic memory,” Nicole said confidently, “to improve humanity with freedom and knowledge; To discover the potential in humanity and extend the lifespan of us.”

        “...I see that finally,” Einstein murmured and heaved a sigh, leaving Nicole confused.

        Galileo leaped to the ground and approached Copernicus. “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be preparing that project?” she asked.

        “The research is completed earlier than expected. I heard that there were new researchers, so I just dropped by to check them out.”

        “But you can’t be involved,” Galileo said while glaring at Copernicus, “you almost screw up the whole test.”

        “Is it okay for you to say that? They’re right here,” Copernicus said as he pointed at Einstein and Galileo.

        “It’s okay. He has already figured it out. Right? Einstein.” A mystery grin spread on Galileo’s face.