Eve had been staying at Derry’s house ever since they met. To keep Eve from boredom, Derry travelled from place to place just to find rare collectibles for her; He departed to the south yesterday for a chromatic gem, leaving Eve alone in the house.

        The lone time didn’t bother Eve. She had a house of artworks to kill time.

        This day, Eve spent the whole morning to make a bowling lane, using precious vasts as pins. She rolled a gemball towards the “pins”, and CLANG! All the vasts were crashed into pieces, amusing Eve to giggling.

        “What are you witch doing here!” The anger of a man interrupted. The man stormed his way to the broken vasts, picking them up painfully. “This set of vasts is the only set existing in the world. Each costs a lifetime income of an average family! How dare you break them like some toys!”

        “Why not? Nothing is more important than living the moment——Ah!” Eve got her wrist grabbed roughly by the man.

        “Don’t try to fool me like you did to my father,” the man, Derry Jr. warned. “You just fancy his fortune, but don’t you even think about it as long as I’m still breathing!”

        This conversation happened exactly because Derry Jr. had heard about Eve. If it was just another random hook up, he wouldn’t have interfered; When Derry Jr. knew his father had wasted so much money on Eve, he could not sit here and do nothing.

        “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Eve, raising her head to welcome Derry Jr’s gaze. Her stunning beauty beguiled him, letting go of his hand.

        Derry Jr.’s heart raced, but he put the chemistry behind and frowned. “You do have a pretty face, but don’t...Wait! You, you shameless woman!”

        Eve ignored his warning and held his hand, intertwining their fingers together like lovers.

        The bizarre act freaked Derry Jr. out; a blush came into his cheeks instantly. Meanwhile, Eve, who didn’t notice his pounding heart, got herself pumped up, as if she found something new.

        “You’re an artist!”

        “Huh...How do you know?” Derry Jr.’s tone went way softer than the beginning, for his heart had been captivated by Eve already.

        “This,” said Eve, gently stroking the thick callus on his fingers.

        “This is the alibi of your devotion to your dream...Come with me.”

        Eve pulled Derry Jr.’s hand, who had no attempt to resist, going all the way to the warehouse. Dozens of oil paintings were placed at the corner.

        “These are your works, aren’t they,” Eve murmured while touching the paintings carefully. “They are beautiful.”

        “...Are you teasing at me,” said Derry Jr, pulling his hand away from Eve. “These are all craps in my father’s eyes.”

        “No, they’re not.” Eve shook her head. “I can feel the pulse within, hiding in every stroke of the paint. Yet it’s constrained, unable to show their beautiful side freely.”

        Her words were a wake-up call to Derry Jr.; He almost cried himself, for this woman touched his soul.

        “You’ve been trapped by these dazzling artworks, suffocated by this old-fashioned world.”

        Reaching out towards Derry Jr., Eve expressed her enthusiasm. She was shining with vitality, attracting all beings like a moth was always drawn to the flame.

        Derry Jr.’s affection for Eve was totally different from his father’s. But none of them was able to escape from Eve’s charisma.

        “I...What should I do?” Derry Jr. mumbled in trance, holding Eve’s hand. Meanwhile, Eve grinned, which was more beguiling than any beauty in this world.

        “Crush them, and your mind and idea will be freed.”

        Following Eve’s alluring words, Derry Jr. went totally corrupted. They destroyed, smashed and burnt down every single piece of artwork in the house. Upon destruction, Derry Jr. set himself free from his shackles.

        The days afterwards were like heaven to Derry Jr.. Eve became his muse for his inspiration. Every expression of her induced his sentiments.

        As time went by, his affection had stepped up to an unwavering love. His love to Eve would never cease, as if time wouldn’t stop moving forward. There was no turning back but a straight way to fall into temptation, until the end of his life.

        Stroking Eve’s face, Derry Jr. mumbled in trance, “you’re my salvation.”

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