“When was the last time I drank water?” Osiris thought.

        He did not want to live, but he could not die after trying every imaginable method. People in the world yearned for immortality, but it was just a curse of eternal loneliness for Osiris. He had witnessed every kind of separation in life, but there was nothing he could do about it. Although he cannot die, he would still age. Seeing his face and body aging day by day, he was embroiled in misery. Immortality brought him nothing but endless sorrows...

        As usual, Osiris idly sat on a tree and looked at the still lake in front. He had stopped drinking water a few months ago, so as to let himself die of thirst when he was wandering alone among the tribes.

        Suddenly, spreading ripples broke the stillness of the lake. As he fixed his eyes upon the land, Osiris saw a frog escaping from other animals. Seeing the imminent capture of the frog, Osiris jumped down from the tree and shielded the frog with his body.

        “Gosh... So painful... Why am I still alive even after being slashed like this?” Osiris stood up slowly, while his wound closed in just a moment, as if he had never been slashed. Seeing such an incredible healing rate, the pursuers were so overwhelmed that they forgot the order they were just executing.

        “M... Monster!” The animals screamed as they ran away.

        “What a shame... I didn’t actually do anything...” Osiris turned to walk into the woods again, while the frog he rescued tailed after him...

        “Stop following me.” Osiris stopped walking and said facing the frog.

        “God, thanks for saving me!” The frog knelt down to him.

        “I’m not a god but just an ordinary man of immortality.”

        “How could you say you're ordinary if you have an immortal body?”

        “Considering you’re a mere frog, you seem to know quite a bit!”

        “Please don’t look down on me, the immortal god. I am the tribal sage of Spiritual Civilization.”

        Osiris suddenly thought the frog in front of him was quite interesting, as he was different from the many creatures he had met. Osiris had an intuition that they could get along very well, so he followed the frog to its tribe, in which he was well-respected by the Spiritual Beasts for his immortality...

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