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        War was on the verge of breaking out. It was a sleepless night for everyone in Spiritual Civilization. The next day would be a duel of life-and-death, in which winner takes all... As the tribal chief, Mufasa was even more nervous. Looking up to the starry sky, he recalled everything taught by his father. But then, he was distracted from his contemplation by the words of two subordinates passing by...

        “Do you know what foolish endeavors the insane Iquitos is up to?”

        “Like you said, he’s insane! How can we tell what he is doing? Unless...”

        “Unless we’re insane as well!” The two burst into laughter.

        Mufasa shook his head as he thought they had gone a bit too far, but in his heart he actually agreed with what they said as Iquitos' actions were always strange and unpredictable. He was quite worried about what Iquitos was going to do, so he decided to find him in person.

        “Iquitos, are you there?” Mufasa then saw Iquitos, and what reflected into his eyes shocked him...

        Iquitos was dancing with weird moves around a fire, uttering some strange incomprehensible spells. Halting his strange routine, he suddenly knelt down with sacrifices in hand, saying, “Osiris, my lord, please bless our warriors with eternal life, and allow them to continue fighting even after death...” Then, he threw some sand towards the fire. In the smoke curled up from the fire, Mufasa thought he caught a glimpse of an angular face.

        “Is this... a special rite?” Mufasa asked.

        “I am praying to Osiris, the God of the Afterlife, asking him to grant our warriors the power to fight, so that they will not fear death...”

        “Gods are not something simply found in legends. Some powers are unexplainable.” Iquitos said as he threw some sand towards the fire again...

        Osiris not only had an immortal body, but also the ability to communicate with souls of the deceased. He travelled around to exhort the dead souls not to linger in the world they used to live in. If they refused to heed his advice, he would take them to the land of happiness by force. He thus became the god praised by the tribal sage of the Spiritual Civilization. Before every tribal great war, the sage would conduct a rite to pray for victory, beseeching Osiris to not take away the souls of the warriors until they had won the battle...