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        Ozma was a member of a Demon family that valued the purity of their lineage. Every generation of the family possessed ancient demonic power unique to the family. Ozma, who succeeded the power in this generation, violated the family’s rule, and copulated with a creature from another race — an elf. With help from her mother, Ozma packed her personal belongings, took a few of the family’s magic items, and eloped with her husband. The couple lived peacefully for years; and with her elf husband, Ozma gave birth to three daughters.

        One day at midnight, rapid knocks came from the entrance, along with the voice of a yelling female. Ozma opened the door and her mother nervously dashed in: “Ozma, leave! Your father has found you! He has sent — ”

        Before she could finish her sentence, noises came from outside the house. Without saying a word, the visitors launched a magic missile, but elves hurried to the front door and prevented the attack from destroying the house. When the dust gradually blew over, Ozma finally saw the enormous number of pursuers.

        “You are not welcome here.” The elves stepped forward, sheltering Ozma and her mother behind them.

        “We have received orders to eliminate the darned elf and his vile offsprings who have sullied our lineage!” With that said, the Demon leader hurled magic attacks at the elves. To protect the ladies behind them, they could only guard instead of dodging the attacks.

        Ozma’s mother seized this opportunity to drag Ozma up to the second floor: “Your father has ordered them to kill your husband and your youngest daughter, because they do not possess our demonic blood at all!”

        “Leave with your daughters! I will help your husband!” Her mother pushed Ozma toward the direction of the back door: “Do not worry about me. They would not dare do anything to me!”

        Just then, a lethal attack hit Ozma’s mother.

        “Madam, master said that anyone standing in our way shall be eliminated. Not even you would be an exception!” The attacker said in disdain, ignoring the fact that he had just harmed one of his masters.

        The attacker was the Demon leader, who stood at the front door. His presence on the second floor meant that Ozma’s husband had most likely died during the fight. Ozma crouched and hugged her mother, worrying about both her mother’s safety and her husband’s life.

        Before Ozma could clear her mind and think of what she should do, her hands felt the declining temperature of her mother’s body, along with the last bits of power her mother channeled.

        “Mother! No...” A tremendous amount of power flowed into Ozma’s body and just then, her mother took her last breath. Ozma gazed at the Demon leader, a mixture of sadness and anger palpable in her eyes.

        The Demon leader looked back with a hint of contempt, but in a split second, Ozma’s sudden magic attack shoved him down the entire hallway and threw him against the wall. Ozma’s demonic power was now so abundant that she could consecutively launch tens of such powerful magic attacks.

        “...Master...will not...let you...” Ozma did not wait for the Demon leader to finish his sentence. She channeled all her power and released it; the radiation of power reduced every one of the invader to ashes. Then, Ozma returned to the ground floor, and found the body of her husband lying in the middle of the living room. This night, Ozma lost two of her most cherished individuals.

        Ozma and her three daughters hurriedly left the house and lived a stable life of hermitage in a secluded manor. However, she would always recall the Demon leader’s final words. Her family would always go after her in the name of lineage. They would demand her to give them her youngest daughter, who only inherited elf blood from her father. Ozma was haunted by the possibility that the incident at her old house would happen to her again; and this time, she might lose all her three daughters.

        Should I give them one, and save the other two daughters? Or should I hide until my girls have grown up and then fight back as a team? But can we really hide that long? In hopes of soothing her uneasiness, Ozma wrote her every single struggle in her diary. This lasted until her family successfully located her again, which left Ozma with no choice but to decide what she should do next...