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        “It’s a dead end. You can’t escape from us!” A loud voice came from an alley in the downtown. Wu Ming the demon stopped immediately and turned around. He saw two people standing in front of him——Chun Xiang, a gorgeous girl with a pair of ponytails, and Taishang Laojun, a white-haired boy.
        “I can’t bear this pain anymore, and why are they chasing me! Darn it!” Wu Ming grew irritable due to the severe soreness. He vented his anger by waving the halberd on his hand. During which, he was attacked by the two of them.
        He tried to avoid battling because he did not want to hurt anyone. However, they did not give up and kept hunting for him, forcing Wu Ming into a corner——
        “How annoying!” He gave them an angry glare, which made him even more ferocious like a demon. “Roar——!” he howled with rage as he swung his halberd at Taishang Laojun.
        Facing the attack full of demonic energy, Taishang Laojun remained calm. He draw a circle with his tiptoe; his right hand was as agile as snake, grabbing Wu Ming’s arm in no time. Then, Taishang Laojun resisted force with force by pressing on his back and redirected the power to Wu Ming, who then took a few steps back after taking the hit.
        “This boy is strong...Alright then, let me take down the girl first!” Wu Ming balanced his body, charged at Chun Xiang and grabbed her.
        She let out a scream of fright, “Ahh! You pervert! Where are you touching!”
        “Don’t! It hurts! Don’t hit me! Darn it! Why do you keep chasing me?”
        “Because you got out of control, destroying everything you saw. We’re here to stop you,” Taishang Laojun responded. He tried to attack Wu Ming but without avail.
        “I have no choice,” he said painfully. “It’s agonizing! The pain has driven me mad, so I have to give vent to my anger by destroying.”
        “Pain?” Chun Xiang looked up and down and found an arrow on his arm.
        “Don’t move!” She grabbed his arm backhanded and pulled the arrow out without hesitation——
        When Chun Xiang pulled it out, Wu Ming groaned with pain and let go of her. Taishang Laojun immediately came up to help.
        “Um? Wait...I feel...better now.” The wound on his arm had recovered already; the unbearable pain had also gone.
        “Just as I thought!” Chun Xiang said with arms akimbo. “It’s because of the arrows. Pull them out, and you’ll be fine. So, don’t move!”
        “Hey, hey, hold on! I can’t take it anymore——”
        “No way! You’re such a chicken. Hey, come and help me okay?”
        Chun Xiang cut in and gave Taishang Laojun a wink. Then, he came up and kept Wu Ming still.
        “Pardon me!”
        “Nooooooo——!” Wu Ming let out a scream of pain, but he still could not shake their minds. Chun Xiang pulled out all of the arrows at lightning speed.
        “Phew...the pain is gone! Great!!” He was finally liberated from the soreness. The murderous expression on his face was also vanished. Wu Ming kneeled down and bowed his head respectfully.
        “You’re my saviour! I own you one. Please, let me be your servant.”
        Chun Xiang pushed him away and looked at Taishang Laojun, “Is it possible to bring him back to the painting?”
        “It’s too late. He has turned into a demon. There are two choices only: let him go or kill him.”
        “No…” Chun Xiang had a glance at Wu Ming, who was petting a bird with his innocent face. “If you want me dead, just kill me…” Wu Ming said.
        Then, he paused and wore a kind smile on his face, “but can I die in a less painful way?”
        Seeing such a cowardly face, Chun Xiang heaved a deep sigh.
        “I can’t do it! I’m his creator, so I’ll take care of him.”
        “Mistress Chun Xiang——!” Touched by her words, Wu Ming took her in his arms immediately. In seconds, Chun Xiang crudely pushed him away again. “Enough! Don’t get any closer!”
        “Boohoo...okay…” Refused by her, Wu Ming curled up like an abandoned dog.
        “Sigh...Why am I putting myself into this trouble…” Chun Xiang shook her head helplessly. “I’m sorry for your painting,” she apologized as she looked at Taishang Laojun.
        “No, it’s not your fault.”
        “But now you have no gift for your lover...I got an idea!” Chun Xiang suggested, “As a compensation, I teach you painting!”