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        Humans could never become Gods on their own. Only when they dedicated themselves, binding their minds into objects by swearing an oath, they would become pure heroic spirits, so that they could chase after their endless missions. The Sword of Darkness was the symbol of enmity and sins. In despair, potential of the Sword wielder would erupt. Every successor of the Sword was more insane than the last, and the sins they had committed became increasingly deplorable.

        Demons stormed various villages of men. They handed the villagers the cursed weapons, forcing them to choose between retaliating with the weapons or being killed by the Demons. To survive, most people would pick up the weapons even though they knew it was a trap. Those who wielded the weapon would be put under a curse; their desire to kill would be triggered whenever they were near to Gods, and the impulse would vanish only when all the Gods nearby were killed.

        The first Paladin King of Darkness had been fighting with his belligerent blade, and was then killed by his disciple with the same blade, who inherited the curse on the Sword. With his soul liberated from the curse after death, the Paladin King of Darkness decided to attach himself to the Sword in attempt to fight the curse of Demons with his own soul. After several generations, the effect of the curse slowly faded away, and what attached next to the Sword was the Paladins’ will — power and slaughter. A tradition revolving around the sinful Sword of the Paladin King of Darkness was later established. Those who inherited the title and power of the Sword must be killed by his disciple, and attach their souls to the Sword to accompany their successors. Until now, the countless souls of warriors on the Sword had already overcome the curse. The inheritors refined their skills to reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship. Their minds were more fearsome than the curse, and more maniacal than the Demons...