Humans could never become Gods on their own. Only when they dedicate themselves and bind their minds into objects by swearing an oath would they become pure heroic spirits, whose will would last forever. Since man joined the two ends of a bow with a bowstring, they had been obtaining what they could not reach with bows and arrows. Be it the fruits on the trees, the birds in the sky, or the stars at night, they all became targets of men. They believed that as long as they drew the bow harder every time, the arrow would eventually hit their targets.

        In the past, countless warriors engrossed by the art of archery became apprentices to the Court of Sagittarius. In order to satisfy them, he forged Emerald Armors with accordance to the Armor of Runes in the ancient ruins. He requested the warriors to carry out his will in the realm of men on his behalf. The Court of Sagittarius hoped the warriors could be his assistants to search for ancient artifacts in the realm of men, and protect knowledge passed down since antiquity from the never-ending war between Gods and Demons. They had to bring them back to the Court, so that the Demons cannot exploit the wisdom.

        The Court of Sagittarius eventually discovered that all Emerald Armors shared the same flaw — every one of them contained memory associated with the ancient ruins, which were once prosperous in the past, yet destroyed after cycles of rise and fall. Through countless hammerings, the ancient Humans recorded their lives in the Armors.

        With the Emerald Armors serving as a medium, the warriors could feel every hit of the forgers, and the sound of forging would resonate in their minds, drawing them into an illusion of ancient times, in where the warriors became lost. The warriors had been carrying out their mission in their Emerald Armors. As time elapsed, they would have the delusion that they were in the ancient times, wandering around to protect the ruins, often forgetting about bringing the artifacts back to the Court. The mind of the warriors had been leaping between the past and the present. They gradually became confused and could only be awakened by the Court of Sagittarius. Those who had lost due to the time-leaping would appear to be thoughtful and focused, but once awakened, none of them could tell what they had been thinking about, or what they were lost in.

        Later, the Court of Sagittarius reclaimed all the Emerald Armors, but one was yet to be found. All Terra Knight-errants came and went like a shadow in the woods. The Court of Sagittarius, who had already been too busy, did not attempt further to look for the last Armor...

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