Humans could never become Gods on their own. Only when they dedicate themselves and bind their minds into objects by swearing an oath would they become pure heroic spirits, whose will would last forever. Legends had it that the flaming Scarlet Armor symbolized unyielding faith. The souls of those who used to own the armor would always light up the willpower of its wearer whenever despair visits.

        In the past, the Paladin King of Fire was renowned for his blazing axe. The will of every successor had been passed down by the Scarlet Armor on him, and the wearer must purge the chaos with a fiery heart. The last inheritor of the Armor, who was also the last one to offer his soul, had a pair of eyes that could see through lies. The warrior, who was famous at that time, was entrusted by the Princess Consort with the task of eradicating a fox which bewitched people. The warrior swore in exchange of his eyes that he would definitely kill the fox. Against all the odds, the warrior finally found the fox in a village where it lived in seclusion. However, the villagers stopped the warrior and refused to hand out the fox. From his eyes, the warrior could see that the villagers were not controlled by the fox, but neither was the Princess Consort lying, therefore he decided to observe the fox.

        ‘I’m just striving to survive, Human.’ The fox was shaking its eight tails as a little girl’s voice sounded in the warrior’s head. ‘We are being murdered by the good, hunted by the evil. We belong to neither sides!’

        By helping people on their path of ascetics, the fox finally obtained the ninth tail and reached enlightenment. Upon seeing the beautiful fox who had now transformed into a Human female, the warrior finally understood everything. The fox and the Princess Consort shared an identical appearance. The Princess Consort never lied, because she was the fox enchanting people herself. However, the warrior did not return to the palace. The war erupted between Human and Xian prompted him to protect the civilians together with the fox. He made it through despair with his faith and will; his ablaze resolution is passed down until now...

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