“Glory is what people owe you. We have sacrificed too much and they could never repay us; they could only grant us glory.”

        In the past, a Saintly Warrior with the title of Blademaster led his brigade in a fight against Demons. Although they succeeded in fending off their foes, the Warrior’s companions were possessed by evil souls. Killing his friends was the only choice left to him. Laying the blame on himself, the Warrior dedicated his sword as an offering to honor his former companions and since then, he fought with a lance instead. Although he brought news back to Holylight City, the Holy Temple kept turning a blind eye, and continued sending Saintly Warriors to battlefields, exposing the soldiers to the deadly curse of Demons. The Warriors had to kill their companions possessed by evil spirits. They said, even though the soldiers may have lost their lives, their glory would remain forever intact.

        The Warrior could not stand the Temple’s decisions. He fought no longer for Holylight City. He sympathized with the unfortunate soldiers and thus cared for their orphans. The Holy Temple stripped him of his title and duties, so he ended up as a drifting knight in the realm of men. In every battle, souls of his companions he had lifted would appear as swords formed by sacred light, battling against Demons together with him. After years of ordeal, the light of the swords behind him could shine through any darkness. He then decided to investigate the culprit who had driven his companions into madness.

        In the battle, the knight-errant killed his enemy, yet he was also put under the curse of the evil spirits and became very weak. In his last moments, he passed down his Light Armor to one of his companions’ orphan, asking his companions to protect the inheritor. Almost every Twilight Paladins offered their souls to the Armor, so that they became a member of the swords after death. The blessed swords on their back earned them the title “Paladin King of Light”. The Paladins dedicated themselves, binding their kindness into the Armor by swearing an oath. They became pure heroic spirits, protecting people without asking for rewards.

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