Humans could never become Gods on their own. Only when they dedicate themselves and bind their minds into objects by swearing an oath would they become pure heroic spirits, whose will would last forever.

        In the past, every successor of the Paladin Queen of Water had been daughters of the royal family, and were renowned for their defense being as tough as ramparts. The will of every successor had been passed down along with the Azure Armor, and the wearer must protect the good with love as vast as oceans. The inheritor of the Armor was the eldest princess of an ancient kingdom, who was captured by the enemy, and was used as a bait in one of the battles between Gods and Demons. The queen led the army into great peril and lost more than half of her men. At the end, she sacrificed to protect her daughter, and the princess was left with an unsightly scar on her face. After being rescued by the Paladin Queen of Water, the princess was blamed by the people deep down in their hearts for the death of the soldiers and the queen. She therefore made her younger sister heir to the throne and atoned for her deeds on the battlefield. She followed the Paladin Queen of Water, whom she later succeeded.

        The Paladin Queen of Water had been fighting on the front line. Her wall of ocean could rise and fall like waves; she was applauded by all soldiers. Once, she and her fellow soldiers fought the fearsome combat puppet of Demons. At the moment when the Paladin Queen of Water thought that the puppet had been brought under control and was about to give a final blow by intensifying her water shield, the puppet suddenly went berserk and wielded its swords in an inconceivable style, emitting clusters of flames. The Paladin had no choice but to repel the soldiers away with currents of water, exposing herself to the attack, which she could not endure. In the flames, the Paladin offered her soul to the Armor in exchange for a final burst of power, and perished together with the puppet...

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