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        Yunyang had been sitting at the Druid’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up, but it was to no avail: the Druid’s eyes remained shut. Things happened suddenly, unexpectedly. No one, including Yunyang and all the villagers, had ever considered the possibility that the Druid would suddenly collapse and fall unconscious. After what seemed to be a blink of an eye, the Druid had been in unconsciousness for nearly a month.

        Ever since the Druid fell into his coma, Yunyang visited daily, hoping one day to see the Druid wake; yet, his hope came to naught. Without the Druid to control the power of nature, both the height and number of bamboos drastically increased, completely enveloping the village and invoking the image of imprisonment within a bamboo cage. The villagers could not even access the river for water. Stored resources in the village were almost exhausted, but the Druid still did not show signs of recovery. The villagers started to put their hope in the next Druid — Yunyang.

        The villagers became more worried as the shortages became increasingly desperate with each passing day. They would look for Yunyang every day, desperately begging him to offer them a helping hand. However, Yunyang was unable to help even if he wanted to, for he was completely unfamiliar with the power of nature. Finally, he could not bear the public pressure anymore and escaped from the problem...

        Yunyang did not stop running. Much overwhelmed, even he himself was not aware of the power of nature he conjured. As he elbowed his path through the dense bamboos, he merely bent the plants to the sides rather than breaking them apart. He only wished to stay avoid the problems in the village and evade the stressful life it would bring. Feeling exhausted, he finally stopped; he leant against a huge rock to take a rest, and to empty his head. At that time, a panda trotted out from the bamboo forest. Yunyang observed it behind the rock. The panda was gazing fixedly at those tender leaves at the top of the bamboo for quite a while; it was obvious that the panda was deeply attracted to the newly sprouted, emerald leaves.

        The panda promptly stood onto its rear legs, attempting to climb to the top of the bamboo, but it slipped down only halfway up. It tried several times to no avail. At the moment, its stomach started growling loudly. It bewilderedly took a glance at its belly and then rubbed on it — it was starving.

        Yunyang thought that the panda would give up on those tender leaves, and shift to other food easier to obtain. The panda, however, still appearing carefree, was unhurriedly shaking the bamboo. At first, all those falling off the branches were merely withered, yellow leaves; but gradually, it was able to shake off those green leaves it craved. Looking at the delicacies on the ground, the panda leisurely sat down, and started nibbling on the leaves. A look of content spread across its face.

        Seeing this, it was as if all the gloom in his heart had dissipated, and Yunyang suddenly had a solution for his troubles. Yunyang finally understood that all his pressure originated from his own mind. The pressure would not disappear by itself even if he escaped from the reality; the only way to convert pressure into motivation was to overcome challenges. Yunyang’s eyes was filled with determination, for he had decided to face his mission with courage. He immediately hurried back to the village, ready to do anything necessary to help the villagers.

        After he arrived at the village, Yunyang summoned the power of nature: his body progressively turned black and white while his palms morphed into bear-like paws; finally, claws sprang out from his toes. Yunyang chopped down the bamboo obstacles so the villagers could leave to get water and find food. Afterwards, he conjured the power again so that seeds would sprout into new bamboo in the depths of forest. This was how he maintained a balance between the tribe and the nature. As the crisis was now solved, the villagers expressed their gratitude to Yunyang, and even styled him as “Panda Druid”.

        Despite receiving compliments from the people, Yunyang understood that there was still a long way to go to be a truly powerful Druid. When the present Druid woke, Yunyang began humbly learning from him in the hope that some day he would become a competent Druid. During his leisure time, Yunyang would take out his lute and perform, immersing himself in the pleasure while fulfilling his innate mission.