“Stay away you disgusting creature!”
“How come a graceful lady like Madam Mysorensis has such an ugly daughter? Sakura is way cuter than you.”
Two boys pushed Paperwhite down to a puddle, splashing water everywhere. The two bullies then left with laughters, leaving the poor Paperwhite soaked in wet. This wasn’t the first time happening. Yet even so, she never defended herself, for she had no legitimate grounds.

        Mysorensis, the mother of Paperwhite, was the guardian of the Mother Tree. It was inevitable for Paperwhite to be in the spotlight. Every floral-elf in the country compared her with Sakura, the heir to the guardian. Undoubtedly, the appealing appearance of Sakura stole the show while Paperwhite was so earthly and humble. Looking at the reflection of the puddle, all Paperwhite could see was a misfitted floral-elf——a face half-covered by a dry bang, cracked petals and deadly pale complexion.

        “What’s the meaning for an ugly floral-elf like me?”

        Curling herself up and crying, Paperwhite didn’t notice a fast incoming shadow behind the bushes. Next second, the shadow was tripped by Paperwhite who was obscured by the bushes, crashing hard on the land and startling Paperwhite.

        “Ouch, what the hell! What on Mother-tree are you doing here? How dare you hurt me the eldest prince! I can sentence you to wither!” The tripped floral-elf turned out to be the teenage Hyacinth, who was yelling at Paperwhite like a wild beast.

        “I...I’m sorry! Boohoo…” The sobbing Paperwhite stuttered.

        Hyacinth was less pissed when he saw the chicken face of Paperwhite. “Forget it. I ain’t injured anyway. Just stop crying,” his tone went way softer than a moment ago.

        Still Paperwhite couldn’t stop crying, as if draining the water out of herself, which made Hyacinth feel terrible for himself.

        “Right! I can cheer her up with this thingy gifted from a noble ,” Hyacinth thought as he stuffed a pink ball into her mouth. As the delightful aroma spread, the intense sweetness stopped her from crying.

        “This peach candy was made of the sweetest peaches in season. They’re prestige even for nobles. Tasty isn’t it?”

        “Yes. Super tasty,” said the moved Paperwhite, nodding hard.

        “It was my idea to make the peaches into candy,” said Hyacinth cockily.

        “You’re brilliant!”

        “Of course! I was about to show it to my father...Speaking of which, why did you hide here crying?”

        “I, I…”

        “Just cut to the chase!”

        “Yes sir!”

        After hearing Paperwhite out, Hyacinth questioned, “how can you withstand such humiliations!”

        “Because it’s true. Sakura is way better than me…”

        “That’s absurd!” Hyacinth grabbed Paperwhite’s shoulder tight and said, “everybody likes my brother better just because he has a pretty face. Soon they’ll know I’m the best as long as I study hard!”

        “I can change as long as I work hard?” Paperwhite, moved by Hyacinth’s resilience, was peeping him through her bang. All of a sudden, a breeze messed her hair up, revealing her face clearly. Surprised by what he saw, Hyacinth reached to sweep her bang aside.

        “You have a pair of sparkling eyes. You’re gonna be exceptionally cute after dressing up.”

        “I’m cute? That’s impossible——”

        “I said you are! Go have a haircut and dress up. Those who mocked at you are gonna drop their jaws after reinventing yourself.”

        Hyacinth left the conversation and went home as nightfall was arriving, leaving the delighted Paperwhite alone.

        “He said I’m cute...No one has ever said that to me. I’m so happy...I can’t let him down!”

        Bearing Hyacinth’s words in mind, Paperwhite made great effort to reinvent herself. As time went by, she had grown into a gorgeous elf. With her status as the daughter of Mysorensis, there had been numerous admirers asking for marriage; yet her heart had already fallen for Hyacinth. She was too shy to talk to him; all she had done was admiring him secretly.

        One day, when Paperwhite was heading to Blossomville for Mysorensis, she was distracted by the banging sound in the woods. Approaching out of curiosity, she saw Hyacinth standing there gloomily. His bleeding fists ached Paperwhite, making her scream in tears.

        “Who’s hiding here? Show yourself!” Hyacinth was alerted by her scream.

        Paperwhite walked out of the shades; she had been dreaming the scene of Hyacinth talking to her. Now that her dream finally came true, it did not matter if he was gonna scold her or not.

        Hyacinth grinned ironically at Paperwhite and said, “what? Are you happy to see the prince like this? No one's gonna choose me——”

        “No!” Paperwhite cut him off and held his wounded hand.

        “You’re my only choice,” said Paperwhite, gazing at him with loads of love.

        “You…” Hyacinth could feel the tremendous love in her eyes, while Paperwhite stopped holding back and looked at him closely.

        “There’s only one you in this world. If I lose you, everything in my life will become meaningless. No one can hurt your unique place in my heart no matter what they say.”

        Hyacinth had never expected that he was loved by someone profoundly; moved by Paperwhite’s sincere confession, his dull gaze was ignited again by her love...

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