Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 2

        Clack! The faculty room’s door was opened by a girl who had gem chips all over her body.

        “You...should be that new girl in class 2-A,” said the girl while scanning Diamond.

        “Yes I am,” Diamond responded with a nod.

        The girl raised her brow, showing a sophisticated aura. “Your voice is so low that it’s actually quite gender confusing.”

        “Cough!” Diamond had a fierce cough suddenly and explained, “that’s because my throat is sore. I haven’t been feeling well lately.”

        “Mmm——” The girl gazed at Diamond in doubt, making him sweat unsettlingly. At last, the girl shrugged her shoulders and said, “you kids love faking illness and skipping class. Nevermind. Just don’t make it too obvious.”

        “Sure. Sure,” Diamond answered. Meanwhile, the girl glimpsed at the clock and said, “it’s about time. Go to the classroom first. And I’m Miss Rhodochrosite, your class tutor.”

        Although Rhodochrosite looked much younger than Diamond, her age was actually the opposite, for all minerelves were born to have a mature body. Minerelves’ body pieces would peel off during their aging process, causing the decrease in body size as they grew older. That explained the opposite aging appearance of minerelves in the human perspective.

        Following Rhodochrosite’s lead, Diamond felt extremely uncomfortable when he felt the cool breeze at his bottom. Luckily it didn’t take them too long to walk to the classroom. Rhodochrosite opened the door——

        The bustling class went into total silence in a split second. All girls were paying attention to Diamond.

        “Calm down. Don’t be scared. Just imagine they’re all carrots. That’s a dried carrot. That’s a carrot stem. And that’s a carrot root,” Diamond tried his best to keep himself from freaking out in front of many girls.

        “Alright. As you see, she’ll be joining our class today. Come on and tell us about yourself.”

        “M-Morning everyone. I’m Diamond,” said Diamond. He faked a higher pitch voice as he was aware of Rhodochrosite’s suspicion earlier. “Nice to meet you all.”

        Diamond received nothing but a deadly silence as feedback, as well as doubtful gazes of the classmates.

        “Aren’t they supposed to applaud after new student’s self introduction...So they’ve figured out my gender?” Questioning inside his mind, Diamond started sweating on his forehead. “Everyone said I look so exquisite like a girl, but I guess it’s just impossible to fool them in this way. Maybe I’ll just be honest with them.”

        Right when Diamond was ready to tell the truth, something shocking happened——the girls left their seats and surrounded Diamond discussing.

        “Wow! It’s a true diamond! You look so gorgeous!”

        “This is my first time seeing a diamond minerelf! Your reflection is stunning!”

        “Can I touch your hair?”

        “Huh?” The unexpected outcome had caught Diamond off guard. He focused on screaming, forgetting to protect himself. It was too late when he finally aware of the incoming skinship——

        Bam! The door was barged open, revealing a girl who shone with emerald halos. Despite her rapid gasps, her voice was louder than anyone in the room.

        “I’m sorry for the late!”

        “Jade! Why are you here?” Diamond was too shocked to disguise his voice, yelling loudly. Yet Rhodochrosite responded instead of Jade.

        “So you two know each other? She’s also the new student in this class.”

        “Hell yeah. Let’s take care of each other, Diamond,” said Jade. As she had relieved her breath, she stood straight and gave a cunning smile.

        “You——” While Diamond was questioning, he was disturbed by Rhodochrosite’s clap.

        “Enough! This has been wasting half of our lesson. Ask as much as you want during recess. Now return to your seats.”

        Complying to Rhodochrosite’s scowl, all minerelves returned to their seats. Meanwhile, Diamond had been feeling anxious about Jade’s intervention for the whole morning, worrying that she might expose his gender.

        After a long tough morning, Diamond put on gloves and pulled Jade away for a confrontation once the recess had started.

        Crossing his arms, Diamond questioned Jade with much alertness, “why are you transferring to here? What do you want!”

        “What do I want? Exposing you of course,” said Jade who wasn’t threatened by Diamond. “Don’t worry. I’ve promised the king that I won’t reveal your secret directly, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stop you. All I have to do is to make everyone find out.”

        “You——Why are you doing this?”

        “Why?...” Jade grinned bitterly when she heard Diamond’s question. As she turned around, she said, “because I don’t want to watch my best friend die.”

        Jade walked away after this conversation. Diamond, gazing at that diminishing silhouette, was having complicated feelings right now.

        “I get that she only wants the best for me...but I’ll explore the outer world no matter what lies ahead. I must make my dream come true!”

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