It was a wake-up call for Cornflower when Welwitschia got poisoned. During the investigation, he found that Plantdom was at stake because of the struggle between Strelitzia and Hyacinth, the rebels outside the enchantment and the withering of Mother Tree. He gradually figured out that the assassination was a set-up by May Lily and Welwitschia.

        Confronting May Lily, Cornflower finally realized his responsibility and worked on ending this crisis with him.

        Arranged by Cornflower, Hyacinth the eldest prince became the host of Century Feast to bait the rebels. Meanwhile, Cornflower borrowed an army from Cactus the minister, planning to catch the rebels in one net. May Lily was responsible for contacting Nepenthes the elf outside the enchantment, and spied on the rebels’ activities.

        The day of Century Feast arrived very soon. When May Lily, Cornflower and the army was waiting for Nepenthes signal in the basement, a deafening explosion sounded outside.

        “This is...Why isn’t anyone reporting when the rebels arrived!”

        The injured Nepenthes showed up right after May Lily’s words.

        “It’s out fault. We didn’t expect that Papaver would have split her force into half. Half invaded through the entrance, while the other half were disguised as maids. They infiltrated by means of Strelitzia’s authority. It was a mess inside, and they’ve held Strelitzia hostage to threaten us,” said Nepenthes.

        “We’re tricked...There is no time for a grumble anymore. Even when they split into 2 teams, they’re still outnumbered by our force. We just have to handle them strategically.”

        Pacing back and forth, Cornflower thought for a while before he spoke to May Lily, “let’s split up. You go to rescue my sister. Nepenthes and I will head to rescue my brother!”

        “Copy!” When May Lily turned around, Cornflower held him down awkwardly.

        “Don’t tell me that you’re having diarrhea at this critical moment,” asked May Lily grimly.

        “Ha! You’re mean as always.” Cornflower was amused. Then he patted May Lily’s shoulder and said, “come back in one piece. Don’t you dare to be dead before I’m crowned!”

        Cornflower left right after the conversation. May Lily knew very clearly that it must be hard for him to say such sentimental words, judging from his blush. Still, he said it, and it touched May Lily to smile.

        May Lily took one-third of the military force and headed to Strelitzia’s residence. The battle started before they could get into the building, yet they were at the upper hand in terms of number and weapon quality. To facilitate the rescue, May Lily took an elite force to breach into the building. After a thorough search, they found Strelitzia in her bedroom, held hostage by Rosemellow.

        When Rosemellow and dozen rebels were about to escape through the backdoor, May Lily shouted, “we’ve surrounded the whole palace. Surrender yourself if you want to live!”

        “Don’t listen to his lie! There’s no turning back for us but to fight!” What Rosemellow said had influenced the rebels, bracing for battle.

        “Looks like the battle is inevitable…” May Lily pointed his weapon at Rosemellow and struck. Carrying Strelitzia, Rosemellow merely dodged but unable to strike back. Much as the rebels wanted to help, they were already busy at dealing with May Lily’s soldiers.

        “Let go of the princess.”

        “No! I’ve put so much effort to get her. I ain’t letting go!” The fierce attack of the pumped up Rosemellow surprised May Lily, but he managed to fend her off.

        “The princess means a lot to her...I guess it is worth a shot,” May Lily took a deep breath as he had an idea. When he struck again, the target wasn’t Rosemellow but Strelitzia in her arms. Rosemellow was shocked as she figured out his aim, and she shielded Strelitzia with her barebody.

        Getting stabbed in the arm, Rosemellow fell on the floor along with Strelitzia. When she raised her head again, May Lily had already pointed the sword at her neck.

        “You lose.”

        “...Damn it!”

        “Tie them all up!” May Lily commanded while lifting up Strelitzia.

        “Her pulse is weak but she still has one. At least a threat was eliminated,” the relieved May Lily thought. Before he could move on and join Cornflower, 2 panicked soldiers rushed in.

        “Sir! Something bad has happened! P-Prince Cornflower is dead!”

        “...What? I-Impossible!” The agitated May Lily grabbed a soldier’s collar and asked, “where’s he?”

        “The rebel leader breached into Blossomville, and the p-prince chased her to protect Mother Tree——”

        May Lily let go of the soldier before hearing him out. With a frown and clenched fists, he dashed to Mother Tree at the center of Plantdom as fast as he can.

        “I won’t let anything happen to you!”

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