Parvati had been very respectful to Brahma and Shatarupa. Both of them were her senior apprentices. Parvati knew that she did not have the wit to fully understand Chakra Theory, but Brahma, whose face was wreathed in smiles, always encouraged her in the study, and Shatarupa was also very supportive when she was confused.

        Different from master Indra, Parvati treated Brahma and Shatarupa as brother and sister. She believed that this kind of mutually supportive relationship would last long. One day, however, her master Indra was killed, and worse still, Brahma and Shatarupa were missing.

        With the losing of three important persons at the same time, the sect was about to collapse into chaos. To retrieve the situation, Parvati left the sect, searching for their whereabouts. Finally, she heard the news of Brahma and followed the clue to a bazaar, where she saw a familiar figure on the way.

        That person swept past. Parvati passed through streets and alleys to tail him, but the paths of the bazaar were winding and complicated. Eventually, she lost him. Looking at those emaciated people lying on the ground, Parvati knew that they were in a bad mood, but she never gave up prying even though she was rejected on end.

        “Under such hard times, people are all struggling to survive…”

        Suddenly, someone patted Parvati on her shoulder. There was a man standing behind. “Hey little beauty, looking for someone? They’re inside the house,” he gave an indecent smile as he pointed at the place.

        Gazing at a spice stall, she heard some noises from the house, obviously moans during sex. A hawker ahead was looking her body up and down impurely. Parvati tried to go away immediately, but that hawker pulled her back and pushed her towards the house. “Soon we’ll be all dead. Why don’t we have some fun now!”

        “No!” Parvati poured the spice into his eyes, staggering along the road to the alley. Then, she bumped into a blue-skinned man Shiva, who was drenched and all scratched up. Both of them were not willing to give way in the narrow alley. When Parvati turned left, Shiva turned left; when Parvati turned right, Shiva turned right also. Two of them tarried on the way.

        “Would you please excuse me?” Parvati was in a hurry.
        Shiva responded rapidly, “Give way! I’m being chased.”
        “So am I——”

        Before the conversation finished, enemies showed up in front of and at the rear of the alley. They pressed forward, giving Parvati a ferocious look; the pursuers of Shiva were Sinha army with unique color paint on their faces. They started coming over with blades and swords.

        “Use your body to compensate us, little girl!” The man shouted at Parvati.
        “Die, Shiva!” The Sinha army roared.

        In the nick of time, Parvati positioned her hands in front of the lower part of her breast.
Middle fingers remained straight and touched at the tops while pointing forward. Then, other fingers were bent and touched at the upper portions of the fingers. Her thumbs pointed toward herself and touched at her tops. With a chant of Om, her entire body became transparent as glass; the azure prana flowed within and went straight toward the position between eyebrows, which opened the 3rd-eye chakra.

        The eyes of Parvati became dazzlingly gold, and sensitive enough to clearly catch the action of the enemies and spotted their weaknesses. As they were about to swing their fists, Shiva was giving out threatening prana.

        Strong energy started gathering around him. Coated with iridescent prana, Shiva chanted an Om to transform into something that the enemies were afraid of. In the blink of an eye, they were down and faint.

        Noticing that Shiva was losing his consciousness and entering “non-self” status, Parvati circulated prana over her body, hopefully to wake him up. As she was about to perform a mudra, Shiva crouched down suddenly. Then, the energy around him had vanished, and his consciousness gradually regained.

        “How are you feeling?” Parvati helped him up and said, “we have to leave now.”

        “Who are you...And who am I? Why I am here…,” Shiva asked in confusion.

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