Inside a room, there was a lady sitting before a dresser, looking at herself in the mirror. In the reflection, she found that her once shiny hair had turned dull, following with few silver hair; Freckles of aging started residing on her glowing skin; Her fingertip sensed a rough feeling when she touched the corner of her eye.

        “How to get rid of these wrinkles…What can I do to freeze my youth…” Tears welled up in her eyes for aging. The sound of door opening interrupted when she was about to weep. The lady wiped away the tears before she was hugged by someone from behind.

        “Patra, the research of Lomond Manor is going well. Soon I’ll bring you to my hometown. Once we get there, I can turn you into my kind. Then we can be together forever and ever.”

        “Schrödinger...” Patra held his hand back. Looking at the reflection of this man, she knew it clear that he would never age like she did. His youth would stay eternally for he was a Machina.

        This sharp contrast had depressed Patra enough that she couldn’t bear to look at the mirror anymore. So she dragged Schrödinger away from it and pretended to have an enthusiastic conversation with him, hoping to forget this heart-aching fact. Yet this fear haunted her every night. One night waking up in fear, she finally had enough of courage when she was looking at the young Schrödinger, sleeping tight in his sweet dream.

        This was the afternoon when Patra embarked on her journey without Schrödinger. While he was going to the research lab, Patra packed all her equipments and left him a note, departing to the abyss. It was a place where mortals always avoided mentioning. The abyss was created in the ancient time. Countless demons had been lurking there. If a mortal entered this forbidden place, death was the only result awaited.

        Yet Patra wasn’t just a fragile mundane. As the person who had been inventing along with Schrödinger, she possessed rich knowledge in magic and alchemy. Patra was strong enough to deal with those demons in the abyss.

        Arriving at the abyss, everywhere around Patra was in complete darkness, not even a fading spark. Demons’ whispers were the only thing she could find here.

        “Gotta find the path first,” Patra thought. She pulled out a bag then raised her wand to cast a spell. Golden sprinkles lighted up, casting away the darkness of the abyss. Then the sprinkles were turned into dust, drawing a track in this endless abyss.

        Led by the golden track, Patra came to the edge of a deep dent where a gigantic creature was lurking. As it sensed an approaching human, it lifted its head up and grinned at her. “Oh, a visitor. And it’s a pathetic human. Are you looking for death here?” the gigantic creature said.

        “Are you the demon that can revitalize creatures?” the fearless Patra asked, looking right at the demon, but the creature was irritated by the pride look in Patra.

        “How dare you! I’m gonna make you regret of your rude attitude!” the angry demon roared, making a deafening echo in the abyss. Blasted by the sound wave, Patra lost her coordination and knelt on the ground.

        “Humph! Foolish human, beg for mercy while you still can. I can do you a mercy killing if you beg good enough!”

        “Ugh…” Patra helped herself up with the face full of impatience. She never took the demons seriously and not a hint of fear could be seen on her face. “Looks like you’re not gonna cooperate unless I make you suffer,” Patra threatened the demon.

        “You arrogant human. I’m not gonna spare you anymore! Die!” The furious demon leaped towards Patra, but it pounced on nothing.

        “She’s gone!”

        “Looking for me?” Patra’s voice sounded above its head. She threw a firestone at the critical moment and detonated it with the elemental power. The fierce shock wave blew her into the mid air.

        “Alright, it’s time to end this,” Patra said. She took out a golden sphere and another silver one and threw them up. Then she raised her wand, drawing a circle.

        Boom! Two spheres instantly expanded into two spikes, shooting towards the demon’s hands.

        “AHHHHHH!” the demon screamed in extreme pain, for the spike penetrated through its palms to pin it on the ground.

        Meanwhile, Patra landed safely and walked towards the demon. No one could have expected such a destructive power of her in this skinny body.

        “Can you answer my question now?” Patra asked softly, “can you revitalize creatures?”

        “...Yes...Drinking my blood can stop you from aging and revitalize your body,” the demon said with its eyes drifting, scheming at something obviously. But Patra was not aware as she was so preoccupied with her desire. She drank its blood without any hesitation.

        “Those annoying freckles and wrinkles are gone…Great… Wait… What’s——Ahhhh!” Patra cried in agony, pressing her head tight, “no, don’t take my memory away from me…Schrödinger...Save me——”

        Darkness tainted her golden eyes, turning her into a numb doll. She turned around stiffly, mumbling absent-minded, “Where am I…I can’t remember anything...Who am I?”

        “I created you. You’re bound to serve me for eternity,” the grinning demon said after breaking free from the metal spikes.

        The amnesiac Patra was like a newborn, believing every word from the demon. Since then, Patra was enslaved by demons in the abyss. Yet she felt a disheartening ache from time to time, weeping with no reason.

        “What’s this wrecking grief? I feel like my heart is torn apart…”

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