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        The orphaned Yvette was once captured by slave traders. At one point, she almost died from the magical sphere invented to absorb the souls of slaves. But then she stole the sphere together with the other orphans and they escaped from the dim dungeon together. On the run, Yvette had abandoned her friends to survive and was engulfed by the sphere’s mana, and she became a butterfly demon that was eternally hungry for souls.

        Yvette remained ravenous for souls until Withered Savant extracted some of the mana that belonged to the magical sphere. After that, she stopped consuming souls. After leaving Withered Savant, Yvette gathered other homeless elves and founded a kingdom in the woods. They established a friendly relationship with the humans from neighbouring villages. Yvette learned what was happening around the realm from the villagers and other elves. Mothman always came back with interesting stories to share with Yvette. Yvette’s imagination went wild when she listened to Mothman’s stories.

        ’Yvette, why don’t you live outside if you are so interested in the world beyond our territory? You could dominate the humans with your power if you wanted to. Those humans are fragile. They exist merely as food to satiate our hunger,’ said Mothman proudly as it sat down cross-legged. Yvette sat on the stone and said nothing. She hugged the magical sphere quietly, and it glowed with a dim light that attracted countless tiny elves.

        ”The outside is filled with fun but fraught with danger at the same time. I just want to stay and live peacefully in this forest with other elves forever. And...I don’t detest humans.’ ‘Don’t be foolish! Yvette, humans are much more despicable than you can imagine. Their covetous desire drives them to snatch everything from others!’ Mothman gestured frantically with its arms, but its words could not shake Yvette’s belief. Later, several elves in the kingdom were murdered one after the other. The series of deaths unsettled the residents of the forests. To catch the culprit, Yvette gathered all of the elves to collect testimonies, but she could not come up with a conclusion.

        ’I know who did it! The humans...they’re afraid of our power. They’re trying to root us out before we become a threat to them!’ Mothman walked out of the forest with a shrinking flower elf. She cried the instant she saw Yvette, ‘Yes! Yvette, I saw them murder our friends with my own eyes!’

        ’Terrifying!’ ‘I told you that humans were deceitful!’ ‘Yvette, please punish those dang humans!’ The flower elf’s accusation aroused a debate among the elves. Yvette swung her hands to silence the crowd.

        ’I understand your concern. I’ll head to the human villages to investigate. If they did murder our friends, they’ll pay for their deaths!’ Later, Yvette grabbed her light sphere and headed to the village at night to stay low-profile. She visited the village chief’s house.

        ’Ah, it’s Yvette. You rarely visit us. What’s the matter?’ ‘Some of our elves were murdered recently. The witnesses claim the murderer was from this village. Do you have an explanation for that?’ ‘No! We didn’t do that. Why would any of us do such a horrible thing?’

        ”Weird! It looks like he’s telling the truth...What am I missing here?” While Yvette floundered, not knowing what to do, an injured shadow pushed through the door and slumped to the ground. Yvette immediately helped her up.

        ’You’re...Flower Elf! Why are you here? And your wounds…’ ‘I-I’m sorry. I lied...about the murderer...It was not a human but Mothman who did that...It threatened to kill my friends. I wouldn’t have lied if...ugh…’ Flower Elf fainted before she could finish the sentence. Yvette entrusted Flower Elf to the village chief and rode back to the forest without rest. She found Mothman in the middle of the forest.

        ’Humph! I didn’t expect you to figure out the truth this quickly. Anyway, I’ve finished my mission already.’ Mothman pointed at the elves surrounded by countless moths. The elves hugged each other fearfully.

        ’If you want to keep them safe, hand me the magical sphere. I’ll present it to my great Master Samuel.’ ‘...How dare you betray me...You’re not my friend; you’re my enemy from now on!’ Yvette’s heart teemed with anger. She raised her light sphere and poured all of her elemental power into it. Hundreds of vines crushed the moths that circled the elves and combined into a wall to protect them. The light sphere glowed again as it launched several other vines to bind Mothman.

        ’Release me now!’ Mothman struggled, but the vines tightened even more.

        ”Yvette, look at this juicy fallen soul. Swallow it to satisfy your anger.” A soft voice resounded through Yvette’s head. It reminded her of the pleasure she got from consuming souls.

        ”I-I can’t! I won’t surrender myself to power anymore!” Yvette shook her head, trying to suppress her ravenous hunger. She took a deep breath, untied Mothman, and yelled at it, ‘Leave our forest. Don’t ever come back. I won’t show you mercy next time!’

        ’I wouldn’t have come here if not for Master Samuel!’ said Mothman furiously as it spread its wings and flew away. The wall of vines crumbled and released the elves, who all embraced Yvette with gratitude. Yvette smiled with relief...