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        Two figures stood opposite to each other on the icy ground. The penguin stared solemnly at the young man standing before her, while he did warm up exercises to ease his anxiety. The young man took a deep breath, before starting conjure the power of nature.

        His lips turned into a sharp beak while his hands gradually morphed into penguin flippers. Unexpectedly, just successfully transforming into a penguin, the power of nature disappeared! The young man changed back to human form...

        “Another failure! Why is my penguin transformation always unsuccessful?” Dodo asked in frustration.

        Turning back into a Human as she walked, his mentor comforted? “Perhaps, there is something on your mind you haven't let go of that is hindering you! Don’t rush, take it slow.”

        Taking Dodo with her, the Druid journeyed around in the later time. She hoped that this would give him the life experience needed to identify the obstacle hindering from him penguin transformation. They arrived at an abandoned village — Dodo’s residence as an infant. Though he could no longer remember anything from his infancy, the view in front of him felt familiar...

        His mentor’s voice rang out from behind, “This is where I found you. Originally, you lived here with your tribespeople. Later, the village was destroyed by the Demon army, and all the inhabitants were massacred in the raid. You’re the sole survivor...”

        “Sole survivor? Then, the Demons killed my entire family...?” Dodo asked, and started trembling.

        Nodding her head, the Druid replied him in a gentle voice, “I am telling you this to let you know your past. Your tribespeople ceaselessly hunted the penguins. At first, I could still understand; after all, they did it to stay alive but afterwards, the nature of hunting changed. Yet, the benevolent penguins chose to raise you, instead of taking revenge. Let go of your hatred, Dodo, and learn to deal good in spite of receiving evil as we did. Perhaps if you can truly understand this principle, then, you can handily conjure the power of nature at will.

        Since then, Dodo would frequently sink deep into his thoughts. The Druid’s words repeated in his mind over and over again; yet, he felt as if his heart pumped with intangible rage. One day, when he was wandering across the tundra, he happened to see a child drowning in an icy lake. From the pneuma she exuded, he could tell that the girl was a Demon. The sight promptly reminded him of his family’s death; he hesitated, pondering whether he should save the child. Seeing her helplessly sink into the lake, his mentor’s words surfaced in his mind: ‘Let go of your hatred, and learn to deal good in spite of receiving evil.’

        Dodo hurriedly jumped into the lake. Disregarding the possibility that he might die in the icy lake, he only thought of rescuing the child. As he got into the lake, he immediately kicked to the child’s side as quickly as possible. Yet, all his efforts were to no avail; no matter how vigorously he kicked, he did not move any farther. Therefore, Dodo started paddling with his arms, and surprisingly, his speed matched a canoe. At that moment, with his concentration solely on the child, he was not unaware of his changes: Dodo was already harnessing the power of nature, for he had transformed into a penguin, with its ability to survive the harshest cold and swim at breakneck speeds...