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        On an arduous mountain, there was a tremendous fortress built on the border. A man in red and black striped suit was heading to the observation deck with few soldiers following behind.

        The man then rubbed his arms for the cold weather he felt. One of the soldiers handed a grey blanket to him immediately. “Master Da Vinci, please take this and keep yourself warm. We’re counting on you to fend off the demons,” the soldiers said respectfully.

        “No. I’d rather catch a cold than wearing this inaesthetic thing,” Da Vinci answered the soldier’s kindness with a sharp no. “How’s the setup of the machine,” he asked the general, ignoring the disappointment on the soldier’s face.

        “It’s ready, just right ahead,” the general said as he pointed at the front. There was a bizarrely-shaped metallic item. It seemed to be a crossbow, but the size was larger than an elephant and no arrow was loaded either. Instead, a strange spike was found on it.

        Both this metallic machine and Da Vinci came from a science organization called Lomond Manor. The organization was established when the gods abandoned humans and returned to Heaven. All nations had gathered geniuses from everywhere to deal with the savage demons and find out a solution to prolong the lifespan of humanity. In this situation, Da Vinci was a member of Lomond Manor and the strange machine was their research effort. It was also the key to defeating the rampant demons.

        The demons had been trying to occupy this fortress, but humans managed to defend their homeland with the geographic advantage. However, the demons had changed their strategy into some weird moves, summoning tornados to attack the towns nearby.

        The general figured that those were the test runs before the demons launched the actual attack, which was why he reached Lomond Manor for help. And Da Vinci was the researcher who got dispatched to here.

        Da Vinci suddenly became angry in the middle of his walk. “What’s with this crap? This is unacceptable!” the irritated Da Vinci yelled.

        “…May I know what your concern is? We’ve followed all your instructions,” the general answered carefully, trying not to trigger Da Vinci.

        “How dare you ask? Obviously it’s not beautiful enough!” Da Vinci shouted at the others. Then he went to the metal crossbow and started wiping the spike part. “They didn’t just contaminate my baby but also placed it wrong! How can its beauty prevail with such mistakes,” he murmured grumpily.

        The soldiers were all speechless to the moody Da Vinci. At this moment, Da Vinci went grumpy at them again. “Stop doing nothing! Get your arse here to fix it!” Da Vinci ordered.

        Yelled by Da Vinci, all the soldiers went to move the metal crossbow under his instruction. After a dozen of attempts, Da Vinci finally nodded in satisfaction. A horn was honked at the same time.

        “Master Da Vinci, the demons have reached the warning line. Please be ready,” the general reminded Da Vinci politely.

        “I’m aware...ACHOO!” Da Vinci sneezed because of the cold weather, causing his mask to go sideways. Then he took out a mirror to fix it.

        “Master Da Vinci——”

        “Shut up! Can’t you see that I’m in middle of something?” Da Vinci shouted again with a frown. And he couldn’t adjust the mask right with the general’s urge.

        “But the tornado——” the terrified general said as he looked at the incoming tornado, which sucked up the dirts nearby. It was so fierce that even the soldiers guarding the fortress couldn’t stand properly.

        Yet Da Vinci couldn’t care less about the danger and kept getting his mask right. When he was finally done with it, the tornado had already reached the fortress. The general and soldiers were all trembling with fear, making a sharp contrast with the calm Da Vinci.

        “This is totally inaesthetic. I don’t like it,” the frowned Da Vinci said.

        Da Vinci held the crossbow grip with both hands, focusing on launching it. Countless glowing red dots were gathered above the crossbow, forming a gigantic fire arrow. The burning ashes spread along with the breeze, as if it was dancing lively.

        “Let me show you the definition of an aesthetic attack!”

        With a groan from Da Vinci, the gigantic fire arrow was shot fiercely, burning away the threatening tornado. The arrow even absorbed its energy and grew larger in size, flying towards the demons’ location. The whole army was crushed by this fire arrow and fled from the battle.

        “Humph! And now the demons won’t have the balls to invade in the foreseeable future…Hey, what’s with the frown? Isn’t it worth a celebration?” the puzzled Da Vinci asked the general who was frowning right now.

        “...Take a look yourself,” the general said as he pointed at the bottom of the fortress. Da Vinci was shocked by what he saw, “huh? Why is it destroyed?”

        All thanks to Da Vinci, the delayed attack against demons had given the tornado enough time to destroy the fortress despite the triumph of the battle. Not only he didn’t get any compliments but he was grounded for that. Yet Da Vinci would not be just sitting here waiting for the penalty. He successfully fooled the surveillance from Lomond Manor with a few tricks. Escaping was simply like a snap of finger to him. Da Vinci was now wandering freely in the town.

        “Hmm...I haven’t seen him since forever. Seems he’s doing some interesting research…” Da Vinci mumbled while looking at afar, “alright, Darwin. I’m coming for you.”