Persephone was as beautiful as the golden wheatfield. Her smile was filled with the aura of spring. Her purity attracted even the Demons in demonium. However, Persephone had no ambitions, all she just wanted was only growing wheats in the field leisurely to provide the front line warriors with sustenance. But countless admirers were always trying to approach Persephone with different excuses. They helped Persephone to draw water from the spring, kept crops free from pests and calculate the harvest for her... Persephone was worried that her admirers would wreck her beloved field and, fiercely, she picked up the sickle to chase them away. But the men only giggled, while some of them even saw it as a test she put them to.

        Persephone was so distressed that she threw her sickle into a well that was dried up, weeping that she was going to run away from everything. At the moment, a golden light glimmered from the bottom of the well as a shiny harp with a curve blade came to Persephone. It was a sickle as well as an elegant musical instrument. She heard a voice from within the well, telling her to protect her purity with it. The girl chased away her admirers with the beautiful sickle, so she could concentrate on harvesting for the warriors...

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