A squad of five god soldiers searched through dense woods, moving forward in a star-shaped position. They scouted around carefully. Perseus, the leading soldier, raised his hand, signalling the others to halt. He crouched down and peeked through the bushes. There were demons sitting around the bonfire; next to them were a few tied up gods covered in bruises and cuts. Clearly they had been tortured. Perseus was furious after seeing this outrageous scene.

        “These damned demons! My justice will prevail!” Perseus signalled the soldiers by raising his clenched fist, and all five soldiers dashed out of the bushes. Perseus took out his sword, which was embedded with a double-coloured diamond on the handle. The sword was a gift from his love. It gave him courage in battles. He wielded the razor-sharp sword; very soon the demons were down and turned into silent bodies.

        The wounded soldiers were brought back to the base. Then, Perseus was summoned to the main camp by the commander before he got the time to tidy himself up. The commander stood up once he saw Perseus.

        “Thank you, Perseus. You did well in the mission,” the commander praised Perseus.
        “No, sir. This is my job. And I will end all evils in the name of peace,” Perseus said.

        “With your excellence, surely I can count on you to handle this.” the commander said and clapped. Two soldiers came in right away.

        “I want you to join them and find a person with a shake-shaped mark on his neck. The target is in a village located at the west side of the woods. Bringing him back alive would be the best scenario. If not, kill on sight.” the commander ordered.

        “Who is he?”

        “This is a classified mission. All you need to know is he is an enemy to the gods.”

        “Understood. We are setting off now.”

        Perseus and his crew headed to the west. Very soon, they arrived at a human village that was slightly underdeveloped. Villagers were overwhelmed by their visit. Perseus stepped to clarify their intention.

        “Don’t be afraid! We will do no harm as long as you comply with our instruction! Does anyone of you have a shake-shaped mark on your neck?” Perseus asked loudly to the crowd. None reported; they just looked at each other.

        “He’s not here? They wouldn’t dare to lie to us. But let’s make a thorough search just for sure,” Perseus thought.

        Perseus looked around; There were at least a hundred villagers in this small village, so he decided to split up for inspection. Perseus finished his part quickly and returned to the waiting point at the village’s square. After a while of waiting, the other soldiers were still nowhere to be seen. He went back to the village, but then was shocked by something he was unexpected to see—— the soldiers were molesting a woman, with a dead man lying next to them.

        “STOP!” Perseus shouted to interfere. But the soldiers didn’t stop. Instead, they raised their head and grinned at him.

        “You want in?”

        “Shut your mouth! Gods shall never do that!”

        “Ha. This is your first classified mission. If you can’t live with that, you won’t be in the business for long.”

        “What are you talking about?”

        “We’ve been through things more brutal than this. Last week, a human bumped into Master Pontos. And he sent us to wipe out the whole village. There were infants——”


        “How come…god beings are filthy like this…” Perseus thought. Stunned by the fact, he was too confused to respond. A moan from the woman pulled him back to reality.

        “People first!” Perseus pulled out his sword, pointing at the soldiers in hostile. He couldn’t forgive what these despicable creature had done.

        “How dare you point a weapon at us! Take care of him!” The soldiers took out weapons and attacked Perseus. But Perseus stood still without blinking an eye until the sword almost stabbed him. He bent to dodge the strike, stabbing the soldier’s abdomen with the momentum. A life was taken in the blink of an eye. Perseus pulled the sword out of the corpse and glared at the other soldier. Fear to Perseus made the soldier held the woman hostage. “One more step and I’ll slash her throat!” The soldier shouted as he was threatening the Perseus with a knife on the woman’s neck.

        “And these are the gods I’ve been admiring? Pathetic…,” Perseus thought. Sorrow could be found in his eyes; Rage was erupting inside him at the same time. He closed his eyes, tensed muscles and threw the sword hard at the soldiers——whoosh! The sword pierced right through his head; The soldier was dead before he could figure out what had happened. Perseus put his coat onto the almost-naked woman and left the village. But the military base wasn’t his destination; he had gone rouge since the moment he killed his kind.

        “I just want my justice to prevail.” Perseus stroked the gem on the sword as he made a decision. A whole new Perseus embarked on a new journey.

        And someone witnessed everything.

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