Phanes was the God who best understood all the Gods’ abilities, and hence, was apt at assigning the most suitable God for each mission, ensuring that the missions would be accomplished. To Khaos, Phanes should have been his best adviser, but Phanes’ narcissistic desire to be worshipped prompted hesitation and avoidance from Khaos.

        In the past, Phanes established religions of himself in different worlds. Although he claimed that he had no intention to undermine Khaos’ status as the lord of all Gods, Khaos sensed a threat. Nevertheless, Khaos still sent Phanes to investigate the realm of Humans, and asked him to report on how he would assign jobs for the Gods.

        Roaming around the realm, Phanes met werelizards, and visited villages of Ancestral Beings. However, even Ancestral Beings were imbeciles in Phanes’ eyes; the only distinctive characteristic about them was their slightly heightened intelligence compared to other species.

        “This world is not different than the previous ones we have been to, but...” Phanes said while crouching to grab the soil from a volcano. He channeled his godly power, and the soil in his hand gradually turned into sparks and disappeared. He continued: “...everything in this realm is filled with unseen power. This is probably why Khaos is considering settling in this world.” A smile spread across Phanes’ face. Compared to this intangible power, he was more interested in the palpable worship of Humans.

        Some time later, he arrived at a village near the volcano. When the volcano was about to erupt, there was nothing the villagers could do even though they knew their homes were going to burn. Thinking that all the efforts they had put into building the village would soon be in vain, their eyes exuded sadness and desperation, as if life was hopeless.

        Phanes thus flew to the main vent of the volcano. Seeing the fire elements running amok, Phanes channeled his godly power while pointing his palms toward the lava. As Phanes’ power started to resonate with the elements, the leaping lava began to stabilize...

        “He can suppress an erupting volcano! This must be a miracle!”

        “Fire God...He must be the God of Fire! He has come to rescue us!”

        The villagers’ reaction interested Phanes; he had never thought that they would be moved so easily, and esteem him as their God. He flew toward the villagers and said, “I heard your plea, and have arrived to save you!”

        Phanes suppressed the volcanic eruption; and the villagers did not have to abandon their home. They witnessed his miracle, and each and every one of them idolized him as their God. Looking at the villagers kneeling in worship, the smile on Phanes’ face became brighter. After that, Phanes returned to heaven and reported to Khaos, but his deliberate self-created religion gradually spread across the realm. All the Gods in the realm, hence, became a species to be worshipped...

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