“Elements of the raging sea, the gemstone of Water.”
        “Elements of the blazing flame, the gemstone of Fire.”
        “Elements of the emerald forest, the gemstone of Earth.”
        “Elements of the dazzling light, the gemstone of Light.”
        “Elements of the shadowy silence, the gemstone of Dark.”

        Cooper sealed the power of Elder Gods in different gemstones. The gemstones were as hard as diamonds, and as clear as glass. That day, Fafnir intended to seize all gemstones from Cooper, but Cooper scattered them throughout the realm.

        As the vessel of the fiery power, Piasa was attracted by the intense fire elements and descended upon a land of extreme drought. Although Piasa was not as close to Cooper as Pilatus, he respected Cooper very much. This was not only because Cooper had created him, but also because of Cooper’s ideals.

        The gemstone of Piasa drifted with the winds and sands throughout the land until it was discovered by a group of travelling Human merchants. He was sold from one Human country to another. As he was highly astute, he could discover more about Human intelligence, emotion and behavior during his lonesome journey; it proved far more fruitful than his travels with Cooper. These experiences strengthened Cooper’s ideal in his mind.

        One day, Piasa was put up for auction again. He had long grown accustomed. Whenever he was purchased by a wealthy family, that family would soon go bankrupt, forcing them to sell him again. Soon, people called him “the ruby of misfortune”. The auctioneer looked around and found no one bidding. Just before he called off the bidding of the item, he suddenly heard a demure voice ring out.

        “Ten Thousand Coins!”

        A lady entered the hall with a little girl, walking hand in hand. The lady’s words had aroused the whispering of others. After receiving the gemstone, she left with the girl. Outside the venue, the lady knelt down, looked at the girl, and handed the little box which contained the gemstone into the girl's arms.

        “Alice, keep this. Maybe he will save you one day.”

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