The power of Elder Gods had driven the world to the edge of collapse. In order to stop the imbalance of power, the Elder Gods had no choice but to leave the world. However, in order to prevent the world from collapsing due to the imbalance, they had created two guardians before their departure - Cooper and Fafnir. The Elder Gods endowed the two with immortal bodies, so the two could watch over the world in their place. They had also left some of their power to the two to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. To prevent the power from disturbing the world’s development, Cooper sealed the power of the Elder Gods within five gemstones. These were then divided among the pair and kept separately.

        The power of the five gemstones would change according to the minds of their holders. Cooper wanted to be a part of the world; she observed everything as if she was a spectator. As long as the world is safe, she would not do anything to interfere.

        Later, Cooper summoned three gigantic dragons to be her travel companions... Cooper and Pilatus, who represented the power of earth elements, were very attached to each other. They were always together, sharing their knowledge and opinions.

One day, while Cooper and Pilatus were overlooking the cities on a hill. they heard Fafnir’s voice from her back...

        “So you two are here.”

        “Fafnir? What are you here for?”

        “The world is really beautiful, but...” Fafnir walked towards Cooper and looked out to an ancient human country. “The Humans just don’t know how to cherish it. Being driven by their greed and hatred, they are never able to appreciate it!”

        “That’s true...”
        “So, we must exterminate all Humans!”
        “What?” Cooper could not believe what he had just heard.
        “This is the only way to protect the world!”
        “No! It will just lead to chaos!”
        “Your mind has been polluted, Cooper! Have you forgotten our mission?” Fafnir closed in on Cooper, stretching out her hand. “Give me the gemstones! Everything must be return to what they were.”

        The two gemstones in Fafnir’s hand flashed with blue and yellow light; they had not formed into any stone dragons yet, but already, Cooper could feel their power. She knew if they fought here, the power of Elder Gods would annihilate the world... Cooper looked towards Pilatus. Pilatus nodded as if he had understood Cooper’s decision.

        Cooper turned back to Fafnir. “I will not let anyone to destroy this world.” As she cast a spell, the five gemstones emitted dazzling lights at the same time; the stone dragons disintegrated bit by bit and finally became piles of stones...

        “How dare you...” Fafnir could not stop it anymore.

        Cooper still looked at Pilatus, reluctant to leave him. She could only wish for an eventual reunion.

        The stone dragon had gone; the light had faded. The gemstones that contained the power of Elder Gods had disappeared without a trace...

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