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        Before I set off, I detoured to the Court of Leo where I haven’t been to for a long time. I am standing in front of the gate, my hands shivering when I place them on it. I close my eyes, lower my head, and take a deep breath - it seems that it is the only way to bring out the courage in me to push open the heavy gate.

        ‘Ravniss, are you here for practice?’

        “Galio!” As I whisper, the phantom is gone.

        The enormous Court of Leo is filled with silence since its master has been gone, it has lost all of its glamourous glint. As I walk to the centre of the court slowly, bits of the past come back into my mind...

        The first time I met Galio...

        The moments when I practised with Galio...

        His face as if he had something to tell. Everything is leaping before my eyes.

        I crouch down, touching the chipped gigantic sword on the floor with my fingertip. Weathered by hundreds of battles, it is no longer sharp. I caress the blade, but it won’t hurt me anymore.

        I am overflowed by grievance. My tears shed like a waterfall, unstoppable.

        “I... I want to see you so much...” My voice is hoarse, just like my throat is blocked.

        I want to perish with him.

        I should have realized there was something strange about him.

        I want to start everything all over again.

        At that moment, a bright shadow appear next to me. I can feel a warmth coming from my head. The warmth is so familiar that my eyes look for the source of it immediately.

        “Galio... ?”

         “I miss you so much. Do you know there are so many things that I wanted to tell you?”

        He nods.

        “We have lost too many companions in this campaign... I can no longer endure such pain now...”

        He strokes my face lightly as he looks at me regretfully...

        ‘I am always here. I have never left you.’

        ‘When you miss me, close your eyes, and I will be there.’

        The light is getting dimmer. I can’t but see him fading. I stretch out my hand in attempt to hug him, but I can only grab the last bit of the light. The bright shadow vanishes in the end, but Galio’s words are still resounding in the air.

        ‘Don’t give up. Even though I am not with you, you are not alone...’

        The gate of the Court of Leo is opened again, a shouty voice comes from behind...

        “Ravniss! You are really here! Everyone’s waiting for you! We have to go now!”

        I wipe the tears on my face, stand up, and turn to Cateua, striding towards her.

        “Okay. I’m coming.”