Player Vocabulary

This guide is a list of lingo, acronyms and slang commonly used by players of the ToS community or in game.

A - FEdit

AS - Active Skill
ATK - Attack
Ame - Amelioration
AoW/F/E/L/D - Power Released Schemas/Chinese Gods/Chinese Mythological Beasts

Blood Fiends - Crimson Grace, used by most people instead of Crimson Grace

Crimson Grace - Crimson Grace, official name of what most people call Blood Fiends
CC - Crowd Control eg. Petrification (Medusa), Bewitchment (Isabel), Delay (Karasutengu)
CD - Cooldown, used for enemy attack as well as card Active Skills
CD max - Cooldown on a card's active skill leveled to its maximum
Chicken - Dagger Wielder
Converter - Active skill changes element of certain runes
Cyborg - Cyborg Scholar

DD - Defensive Dragon
DF - Dragon Follower, evolved Dragon Spiritors (now called Servant of Dragons)
DS - Dragon Spiritor (now called Servant of Dragons)
DEF - Defense
Daji - Nine-tailed Vixen and of its evolved forms
Disney - Cunning Phantoms‎, Mystic Rogues
Double max/2 max - Card with maximum level and skill level
Ducks - Heroes from Afar, Travelers from Afar

ED - Ethereal Dragon
EGG - Evil Gargoyle Golem, now called Moonlight Dragon Evo - Evolve, Evolved
Evo mat - Evolution material
Exp - Experience
European/Euro Gods - Norse Gods

FP - Friends Points
F2P - Free to Play
Fate Sisters - The Norns
Frightened Spirits Series - Crimson Grace, old official name of Crimson Grace
Fusion - Two element deck


GM/EX - Grandmaster
GSoA - Great Schema of Aqua
GSoD - Great Schema of Dark
GSoE - Great Schema of Earth
GSoF - Great Schema of Fire
GSoL - Great Schema of Light
GSS - Great Soul Stone

JTTW - "Journey to the West"; Eastern/Chinese God cards

LS - Leader Skill


MD - Ancient Dragons
MH - Mad Head (the company and the card)
ML - Michael - Lucifer
Moirai Sisters - The Norns
Mono - Single element deck

NM - Nightmare

P2P - Pay to Play
PR - Power Release
PR mat - Power Release material
PSS - Prime Soul Stone
PKoE - Paladin King of Earth
PKoF - Paladin King of Fire
PKoD - Paladin King of Darkness
PKoL - Paladin King of Light
PQoW - Paladin Queen of Water
Plat - Platinum (Card)

RCR/Rec - Recovery
Rainbow - 5 attribute deck, usually repeating the same attribute on leader and ally.
Relic/Lost Relic/Ancient Relic - The floating island in the top left of the main game screen. Holds the special stages.
RGB - Team consisting on only water, fire and earth cards, usually having 2 members of each attribute, commonly being used when talking about Xuan Yuan or Chinese Paladin teams.

Schemas - Chinese Gods/Chinese Mythological Beasts
SS - Soulstone
SL - Skill level
SM - Soulmaster Battles (now Ultimate Stages)
Seal Boss - Also called Sealed Lords, Bosses from the Enochian Tower in the Main Stages
Sisters - The Norns
Sniper - Cards whose active skill deals high direct damage e.g. Cyborgs' Companion, Conjoined Cyborgs or Egyptian Gods
Starters - the first five card characters


TC - Team Cost
TOS/ToS - Tower of Saviors
Trans/Transmigration/Xmigration - Infinite Transmigration
Triple max/3 max - Card with maximum level, skill level and fully ameliorated

UID - User ID