Han Xiangzi, a little kid, walked towards a silver-haired boy Zhang Guolao on tiptoe. Leaning against a tree, Zhang Guolao fell asleep. There was a small donkey lying beside him, sleeping on both ears like its owner.
        “Look at your stupid faces, sleeping like a log. I wonder how will you react if I play a prank on you.” Han Xiangzi rolled his eyes, as if he was planning on something. “Haha! Got it!” He wore a cunning smile as soon as he had an idea.
        Han Xiangzi sneaked up on the donkey, plucked a pinch of hair on its butt and immediately hid inside a bush nearby.
        “Bray——!” The donkey let out a scream of pain, which had woken Zhang Guolao up.
        “Wh-what happened...Don!?”
        The donkey was out of control and bolted off; Zhang Guolao stumbled along and ran after it immediately.
        “Hahaha——So funny!” Han Xiangzi laughed himself to tears when he saw Zhang Guolao look embarrassed. After making fun of him, Han Xiangzi wandered around Heavenly Kingdom in a good mood. Then, he teased a couple of Xian and elves again on the way. Feeling tired, he came to a hidden cave to take a rest.
        “The cave is not bad. It’s cool and comfortable here. Let me take a nap.”
        He went deep into the cave and lay down. As Han Xiangzi fell asleep, someone was talking nearby the entrance. He rubbed his tired eyes and peeped at them.
        “Isn’t he the small-minded man Lü Dongbin!? Last time I scratched his mirror and he hung me to a tree for a whole day.” Recalling the unpleasant memory, Han Xiangzi had a sour look on his face. “The one standing beside that idiot Li Tieguai? Every day he can’t keep his mouth shut from talking nonsense. I really can’t take him, but why are they here?”
Han Xiangzi held his breath and eavesdropped——
        “The talisman used by Taishang Laojun to seal the demon was totally torn off. We have to find the pieces back. Otherwise, the realm of Humans will be in danger!” Lü Dongbin asked Li Tieguai for help. Then, they split up to search for the pieces of the talisman.
        Han Xiangzi did not come out until he made sure they were gone. “What is that talisman they were talking about? Lü Dongbin must be joking around. I just can’t believe that idiot Li Tieguai fell for his nonsense, but…” Han Xiangzi thought of an idea and wore a smile, “It looks fun! I’m in.”
        Han Xiangzi spinned on his toe, then a lion head cloak was conjured. Injecting Xian energy into it, he did a front flip jump on the cloak and rode to the sky.
        Hovering around the sky, soon Han Xiangzi found his target——there were two men wrestling with each other in the center of the Heavenly Kingdom. He pulled at the reins around the lion head of the cloak, which immediately took a dive. Just as it was about to reach the ground, Han Xiangzi drew the reins, jumped off and the cloak vanished into thin air.
        Flushing with anger, both of them were not aware of Han Xiangzi’s appearance.
        “Cao Guojiu, how dared you sat beside Taishang Laojun last night!? You’re not qualified to sit in that seat!” a fat man Zhongli Quan shouted as he pulled Cao Guojiu's hair.
        “Are you the idiot who set this stupid rule, you fat pig!?” Cao Guojiu did not throw in the towel.
        “What did you just say! How rude!”
        Then, they were fighting again. Although both of them were grown-up, they acted like a child.
        “Well, it’s quite interesting in the beginning, but I'm getting bored now.” Han Xiangzi put his hands behind his head and kicked a pebble away.
        “Hey, if you keep wasting your time here, Lü Dongbin will steal the limelight eventually.”
        They froze when hearing Han Xiangzi’s words, and turned around to look at him.
        “What do you mean?” Cao Guojiu asked nervously.
        “The talisman used by Taishang Laojun to seal the demon was torn off. The pieces scattered into the realm of Humans. Lü Dongbin had already set off to search for them. If he get them all, he will be promoted by Taishang Laojun definitely.”
        “What!?” Zhongli Quan responded in astonishment and let go of Cao Guojiu right away. “Now is not the time to fight with a pawn like you.”
        “Humph! This is what I want to say. I must hurry. I won’t let him succeed!”
        “If you guys are going after him, remember to go to the northwest direction,” Han Xiangzi kindly reminded them.
        “Thanks!” Cao Guojiu immediately jumped down the mountain and headed to the northwest of the realm of Humans.
t “Hey, don’t jump the gun!” Zhongli Quan started chasing him as he saw Cao Guojiu disappear.
        “Go for it!” Han Xiangzi wore a brilliant smile while saying goodbye to the two of them. The smile then turned into a cunning grin after they were completely out of his sight. Han Xiangzi spinned on his toe and conjured the lion cloak again.
        “Things start getting interesting! Above all, I can’t wait to see Lü Dongbin’s frustrated face, haha!” Han Xiangzi said as he jumped on the cloak.

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