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        “Pluma, are you stealing again?”

        “I... I didn’t...”

        “Pluma, I know you do it for your siblings, but it’s still wrong to do so.”

        Whenever Pluma stole, he would think of his mother’s words. Yet he did not reflect on it as it had been his notion of life: all these shady affairs are done for the poor and for the sake of fairness.

        “Get away, you little rat! Don’t block my way!”

        Walking in front of the team, a werewolf soldier gave a child lying on the ground a swift, hefty kick. The child held his stomach in pain. Pluma stepped forward and pulled him into his arms, glaring at the soldier with his sharp eyes. Sensing his icy stare, the werewolves looked at him with a sneer.

        “Something got your back up? Come hit me if you dare - ”

        The head of the werewolf was sent flying before he could finish his words. Pluma was standing between the werewolf soldiers and the child, with a pair of scimitars stained with blood in his hand.

        “How dare you... Drop dead!”

        The gang of werewolf soldiers swung their swords at Pluma, while Pluma fought back with his double scimitars. Yet, he was able to kill the werewolf just now only because of his unexpected move. In front of a group of experienced soldiers, Pluma was no more than a nimble thief. He was outnumbered obviously and soon he was put in a tight spot. One werewolf knocked him down from his back, then walked towards him with a cunning grin. Just as he raised his sword to chop Pluma’s head down, a wereshark jumped into the fight from a perch, with the water broadsword in his hand. He kicked the werewolf aside and with a swift turn, all of werewolves were cut at the throat.

        “Chief, he’s the one you’re talking about? Well, he’s just so-so.”

        “Odous, have you not yet learnt to trust? Or do you not believe my judgement?”

        Pluma defensively looked at the wereshark and werelion. “Join our tribe!” The lion invited, holding his hand out.

        “I do my job as a burglar; they see me as an outlaw. I only do justice.” - Pluma the Sky-high Outlaw