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        After infiltrating into Cullinan’s mansion, some of the cats had triggered the trap and fallen into the deep hole, leaving Plumpy and other pals to continue rescuing Ali Baba…

        Bearing Mellow’s order in mind, Tim led the remaining cats to get out of the perilous hall. “Me, Plumpy, Fist, Copperfield, Wimpy...Alright, we need to cross the wooden bridge ahead before getting to the main building. Ali Baba should be there,” Tim said as he counted noses.

        The structure of the suspension bridge was complicated, intersecting each other like a maze. Beneath which there was a deep pond. “Cullinan must too rich. I’ve never seen this kind of bridge built in a house...Tim, which one is the right way?” Copperfield was being sarcastic on Cullinan.

        He responded confidently, “the correct one must be the first constructed. We pick the oldest bridge to cross.”

        Tim stepped on the first wood plank with caution. “Raise the right feet to a 45.56 degree angle, step on the first plank and then move my left foot to the third plank…”

        “Tim, are you chanting some kind of spells? Um? Fist how come you’re moving...Oh no it’s me falling...Ahh——!” Plumpy had no idea what Tim was murmuring, walked as she pleased and trod on a shabby plank heavily. The planks loosen and dropped. Fist the burly cat turned around to reach out, but still failed to catch her in time.

        Worse still, Plumpy felt something huge approaching from behind. She looked back and saw a giant fish as big as the pond! The fish was waiting for her with its mouth wide open.

        “I...won’t let anyone hurt you!” Fist dived into the fish’s mouth from the bridge right before it closed.

        The cats ahead, however, were too focused on making the way out that they didn’t aware of the missing of Plumpy and Fist...

        “With such a big fish, it’s enough for me to eat for a whole year,” Plumpy, inside the fish’s mouth, talked to Fist excitedly.

        “Um,” Fist, taciturn as usual, responded with a smile, but his hands could not stop rubbing Plumpy’s chubby face. “How lovely! I could look at this face every day for the rest of my life…,” he shouted out in his heart.

        “Ugh, why keep rubbing me... You can have half of my food.”

        All of a sudden, its oral cavity started moving; and wind was coming out of the oesophagus. Judging from the movements, the fish was going to swallow them into the stomach. Fist bulged his muscles to punch the fish on the uvula with all his strength. The attack gave a twitch, but everything was back to normal afterward.

        “Fist, are we punching the meat off,” Plumpy stretched her body energetically.

        “No, I’m going to make it throw us up,” explained Fist. His words did not seem to reach Plumpy’s ears as she was focusing on finding the most delicious part of the fish.

        The uvula was even bigger than both of them adding up, so Fist’s chain punches only caused little damage to the giant fish. Knowing that he was going all out to throw punches, Plumpy decided to help for her meat hunting.

        “Haaaaaaa!” Plumpy gave the uvula continuous kicks, but the hits were too light that it only tickled the fish. Its tongue kept sweeping back and forth, attempting to sweep her down to the oesophagus!

        “Wow! Here I come, giant fish slide!” When she was about to go down, Fist grabbed the tongue to set Plumpy free.

        Feeling unwell, the giant fish gasped for breath. A stream of strong air emerged in its mouth and blew them off to the outside.

        Right when they were about to escape, the tongue pulled Fist back to the cavity. Next second, the giant fish had vanished to the bottom of the lake with Fist…

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