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        “This is the Demon Judith is targeting? She’s just a little girl… Why even bother capturing her?” The strong Paxton hid behind a wall, spying on the “little red riding hood”, Doris. The maiden was happily playing with a group of children in the open space.

        “Well, Judith must have her reasons. Either way, catch the girl first.”

        Just as Paxton was about to move, he found a kid blocking his way. The little boy was from the group of children playing with Doris a moment ago. He looked at Paxton with curious eyes, frowned, then pointed at the strong man in front of him with his little finger.

        ‘What are you doing here, codger? Strangely snooping around… I’m gonna call the cops!’ The boy tried to run away, but Paxton grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

        ‘Codger? I’m still young! A young and strong man!’ Paxton asserted, with a face like thunder.

        ‘Ouch! That hurts! Help me, Doris!’ The boy’s painful cries caught the maiden's attention. She dashed to Paxton, pointed her silver handguns at him, but didn't dare to to pull the trigger as the boy was still held hostage.

        ‘Let go of him, right now!’

        ‘Oops, you caught me. Nice to meet you, Doris.’

        ‘How do you know my name? Who are you?’

        ‘Who am I? I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of me — the man known for his perfectly built body!’ Paxton spread his arms to show off his strong muscles. However, Doris was obviously not impressed as her frown grew deeper. Seeing that Doris give him the cold shoulder, Paxton shook his head in disappointment.

        ‘Sigh, forget about it. Since you’re too young, I’ll forgive your ignorance. I’m Paxton, the love of Judith the noble Demon. At her request, I’m here to take you to her.’

        ‘I don’t know who you are, you freak! You want to catch me? Not that easy!’

        ‘Oh really? Then show me what you’ve got! I can’t wait to have a good fight.’

        Paxton gathered his elemental power and conjured countless fire swords around him. He waved his hands like a conductor and directed the swords. As if infused with life, the swords moved, charging towards Doris. With a swift turn, she dodged the attacks, but the swords continued to hunt her down.

        “Tsk! So annoying! Let me burn you all to ashes!”

        While dodging the incessant attacks from the swords, Doris raised her pair of handguns and roused the fire elements within her. Flames burst from the muzzle and engulfed everything like a world of fiery red in front of her eyes.

        “Done!” Doris was delighted at her accomplishment, but suddenly a powerful force from her right pushed her against the wall. Simultaneously, Paxton quickly shot a sword at the tip of Doris's hood, pinning her like a nail to the wall. He approached his prey and smiled cunningly.

        ‘As I said, you’re too young, too inexperienced. You should never block your sight in a battle. With a sea of fire in front of you, how can you clearly pinpoint where your enemy is attacking from?’

        Doris gazed at Paxton. He managed to defeat her even though he still held the boy with his right hand. Such strength… She knew at that moment she could not fight back, but could at least try to not involve any other innocent person. She said, ‘your target is me. This has nothing to do with the boy. Please let him go.’

        ‘I don’t want to, especially after hearing what you said.’

        ‘You —’ Even at a disadvantage, Doris showed no fear and no signs of weakness. She furiously glared at Paxton, but he reacted differently. He laughed and said, ‘haha! I like the face you make when you're angry! If this is the end of our battle, then I think it would be too fast, too boring. Let’s play a game! An exciting one!’

        Paxton picked up one of Doris’s handguns from the ground. He unloaded the rotary magazine and took out all the elemental bullets except one. He then loaded the mag back into the firearm and spun it.

        ‘Whoever shoots himself is the loser. If I lose, I’ll set him free. But if you get shot, your beautiful face will go to waste. Are you really willing to take that risk just for this little boy?’

        Doris glanced at the boy who had fallen unconscious out of fear. She then turned to stare at Paxton with no hesitation in her eyes.

        ‘No problem. I’ll win, anyways.’

        “Oh my… what a daring girl! I’m about to fall for her.” Paxton suppressed his stirring emotions and said with a smile, ‘You have guts. I appreciate that. Let’s start the game. Ladies first.’

        Doris grabbed the handgun from Paxton and immediately pulled the trigger — Bang! An empty chamber it was. Just like Doris, Paxton also grabbed the handgun and pulled the trigger without a blink. Empty, too. The lethal game went on round after round.

        ‘Two rounds left. You can still call it off. You don’t have to —’

        Paxton was interrupted by the sound of gunshot. Doris did not wait for him to finish his sentence. She pulled the trigger again, not even with a slight frown. Still, it was empty. Paxton was startled. Doris smiled and said, ‘I won. Let him go.’

        ‘Alright.’ Paxton laid the boy down. As he turned back to face his opponent, Doris passed the handgun to him.

        ‘Hey, you still haven’t finished the game. It’s your turn. Don’t play dumb — Uggh! You cheater…’

        Shot in the stomach, Doris fainted from the impact.

        ‘Hohoho! I always enjoy seeing peoples' shocked faces.’ Paxton leaned backwards, burst out laughing with arms akimbo. He did not feel ashamed of his unscrupulous methods at all. As he looked up at the sky, he realized the sun was setting.

        “Oh, it’s already this late! I must hurry, or else Judith will get mad at me.”