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        Alice couldn’t stop stamping her feet in anger. Seeing such temper rarely on this lazy girl, Mad Hatter asked, “What’s the matter, Master?”
        “I was threatened the moment I woke up. Of course I’m in a bad mood. Sigh. I just wanna lie on my bed all day long…”
        Boom! A loud noise interrupted Alice’s sentence. She looked up. The roof was forced open with a huge hole by a powerful punch. It was a trio of intruders, including the strong Paxton, the glamorous Judith and the gloomy Ogier. Judith jumped lightly to the ground, with her red lips curved in a confident smile.
        Alice, I’m here to visit you.”
        “Sigh...You know what? There are three kinds of people I hate. Troublemakers rank first.” Alice stole a glance at the two men. They were holding two unconscious hostages — Doris and Woodbury.
        Alice heaved a long sigh and stood up. She said to Mad Hatter, “it’s good manners to receive our guests. Prepare some tea. I’ll bring them to the chessboard room.”
        Alice brought Judith and her friends to the spacious chessboard room, where only two chairs were put. Judith and Alice sat down. Mad Hatter came to them with hot red tea and snacks. Judith took a sip of the tea and exclaimed, “How fragrant! The temperature is just right. You’ve got good taste.”
        Bang! Alice knocked her cup onto the table. She squinted her blue eyes, in which animosity was flaming.
        “You’re here to make a deal, right? Stop beating around the bush. Tell me what you want. You know I’m losing my patience.”
        “I’m scared. I hate violent Demons who know nothing but to fight. Pure-bred Demons always solves problems with their brains rather than brawn. Let’s play a game. If you win, I’ll let your sisters go. Or else, you’ll have to sign this contract.”
        Alice grabbed the parchment mid-air, on which countless unfair terms were written. Signing this contract would be no different from becoming Judith’s slave. Alice would rather die than that, but she was determined to save Doris and Woodbury.
        “Deal. What game are we going to play?”
        “We’ll draw a card to see who’s luckier.” Judith clicked her fingers and poker cards appeared out of nowhere. “Ace of spades ranks first and three of diamonds last. Simple. Your servant will shuffle the cards. I don’t want other Demons to think I’m a cheater.”
        Alice silently nodded. Judith handed the deck to Mad Hatter. He unwrapped the brand new deck with his knife and shuffled the cards in the blink of an eye. Judith and Alice cut the cards and picked one each. At that moment, Woodbury slowly woke up.
        “Hm...I’m in Wonderland? Sister Alice!”
        “Hoho, our audience is awake. She’s about to witness how her elder sister will be brutally defeated.” Judith smiled confidently, knowing that she had used magic to alter her card into the ace of spades. Alice’s loss was inevitable.
        “How dare you use us to threaten Sister Alice! Sister...Ignore us. We’re —”
        “Shut up. Don’t tell me what to do.”
        “W-what did you say…? Sister Alice is stubborn as always. You try to burden yourself with all the responsibilities. Do you think you’re great and caring? You’re just doing this out of pride!”
        “Humph. I wouldn’t have needed to clean up your mess if you hadn’t been so weak. You’re not in a position to talk big.”
        “I...Alice is an idiot!”
        “Cut it out!” Flames blazed between Alice and Woodbury, almost burning Judith. She bounced off her seat, while Paxton immediately seized Doris’s hands.
        “I could hear nothing but you two arguing right after I woke up...My head hurts...We have our enemies right in front of us. Calm yourselves down!” yelled Doris.
        “Tut! Paxton, keep your eyes on this uneducated brat. She almost burned my beautiful hair.”
        “My bad, darling.” Paxton tossed an invisible kiss at Judith, who just ignored him and sat down again. She quickly spruced herself up and said to Alice, “Let’s reveal our cards.”
        “Alright. I’ll go first.” Alice smiled radiantly and flipped her card. It was the ace of spades!
        “I-impossible!” Judith’s confident smile fell. She flipped her card with a trembling hand — it was the three of diamonds. She banged the round table and yelled, ‘What have you done?"
        “...She spun the round table...when you were distracted by the flames…” Ogier spit out the truth, which made Judith gawk in shock. “You planned this from the very beginning…”
        “Even an idiot would know that you would do something to the cards. I just had to exchange ours for it to be a sure win for me.” As Alice clapped, the chessboard floor and the round table began to spin, as if mocking at Judith.
        “We put on a sisterly show to distract you. Did you enjoy it?”
        “You…” Judith turned red in rage. She furiously glared at Alice, who calmly stared back. The loser was Judith.
        “...Release them.” Judith ordered Paxton and Ogier to let go of Doris and Woodbury. The two sisters immediately ran to Alice.
        “I won’t give up. You’ll be mine sooner or later!” Judith closed the game with a threat and left with Paxton and Ogier.
        ‘How dare she humiliate me like that. I must get my revenge on her!’