Pollux was a powerful swordsman. On one hand, he was incredibly kind. He was gentle and approachable to his companions. On the other hand, he was incredibly fierce. No matter how badly he was wounded, the pain would only make him strike harder with his chipped blades. Pollux realized he was special when he was small. He had a feeling that since birth he possessed another soul, which was totally different from that of him. He was peaceful on most occasions, yet brutal in every single battle - it was all because of the two souls within him. If he was the gentle light, then his alter ego would be the brutal darkness.

        Pollux had never thought of eradicating the existence of his other self. Time after time, ‘he’ had saved Pollux from danger. Because of that, Pollux felt indebted to him. As a result, he borrowed from a priest a magic potion in order to communicate with his other self. Since then, the fierce soul had been teaching him how to fight in his dreams. This made Pollux gradually feel that his other self deserved a body of his own, instead of residing inside Pollux’s body.

        As a compensation to ‘him’, Pollux had determined to hand over the control of one of his arms to ‘him’, so that the two could fight together and unleash even stronger power.

        On the battlefield, ‘the two’ defeated one mighty demon after another. Their dual blades terrified every single demon.

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