“Pontos! Remember that I only want you to ‘observe’ that world. Refrain from doing anything that could affect it.” Khaos sternly said to Pontos as he sat in his tall seat in the middle of the hall. As the lord of all Gods, Khaos knew Ponto well. In the past, Pontos once flooded a world he passed by just because he was bored, causing the death of numerous native creatures. Though Khaos later admonished him, Pontos did not feel at fault. He deemed themselves superior to other creatures because they were Gods; all the others’ lives were meaningless, and they lived only to serve the Gods. Therefore, dying for him should have been an honor.

        Pontos stopped walking and looked back at Khaos. He shrugged his shoulders before replying, “This world seems interesting. Probably I won’t have to create my own fun.” With that, Pontos flew towards the realm of Humans.

        After a long journey, Gods led by Khaos eventually arrived at the realms. They tried living in different worlds, but none of which was truly suitable for them. Just as they entered the realms, they had a vague feeling that this world was different from the ones to which they had been. To determine whether this piece of land was suitable for them to settle in, Khaos sent out various Gods to explore the realm of Humans.

        “Khaos, is sending Pontos really all right?” Aether asked, standing beside Khaos.

        “Relax! Everything is under my control...”

        Pontos found that creatures called “Humans” lived scattered in the realm. Although different groups of Humans were the same species, they had no connections with each other. Some of the clans even fought against each other for land and resources. This did not change until a leader appeared among them. Under his guidance, Humans began to gather and build towns and villages.

        At first when Humans still attacked each other for resources, Pontos found interest in just observing their actions. However, when they started gathering and did not fight as much, Pontos got bored of their peaceful life. He tried to put two insects into a box and watch them fight. He even overturned a boat with his godly power, and hysterically laughed at the Humans’ helpless faces. However, Pontos gradually lost interest in these “little tricks”...

        “I wonder...How will they react if I drive them into despair?”

        Therefore, Pontos placed a merchant and a clan leader onto a deserted island. There was nothing but a tree and its shade. Both Humans wanted to rest in the shade, but there was not enough room for both of them to rest at the same time. The merchant thought of an idea: “I’ll pay you and buy this shade.” To his surprise, the leader shoved away his hand: “There’s nothing here! I don’t want your money! You should heed my orders; I’m a leader!” The two Humans had a prolonged argument, drying their mouth and throat, so they decided to switch their focus to finding water.

        Just then, Pontos created a bowl of water that was only enough for one of them. The merchant and the leader fought against each other for the right to drink first. When they were struggling, Pontos stealthily withdrew his gift, leaving them with no water to satiate their thirst. Eventually, both Humans died of hunger on the island...Pontos walked up to their corpses and crouched: “If you Humans had cooperated to build a boat out of the materials on this island, you both could have returned home.”

        Witnessing their death was not enough to satisfy his boredom; he had planned another interesting deception. Other lives were not important to him, but fun was...

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