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        “Can I be as strong as you are?”

        “It’s not difficult,” Poppy’s brother patted her head gently and handed her a Shield of Aries, “To be strong, you must hold this shield firmly and never let go. Do you understand?”

        Poppy nodded. The girl had been following in her brother's footsteps and together they protected the realm of men.

        In a war fought between the Gods and the Demons in the distant past, the Demons widely rampaged across the realm of men, in where they set the fire of underworld. From a village looted by the Demons, the Court of Aries rescued a girl, Poppy, who was contaminated by the power of the Demons. The Court of Aries and the astralists treated Poppy as their own little sister and purified her with the power of constellations. Since then, little Poppy had been staying behind the Court of Aries, wielding her sword and her Shield of Aries to protect her brother, whom she respected so much. The Court of Aries fought restlessly, and always carried his sword to the battlefield without hesitation. He had been resolutely staying in the front line to stop the Demons.

        In a dreadful battle, the Gods suffering from several defeats were forced to retreat and many were killed. Riding on a soaring ram, Poppy rescued her heavily wounded brother from the enemy’s camp. She held the Court of Aries in her arms tightly and calling his name over and over again. However, an arrow from afar shot him. He slipped off the ram’s back and fell into the sea. As Poppy cried out in despair, the Court of Aries sank into total darkness, leaving a trail of blood behind.