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        Partially clothed in his white chiton, Zeus leaned against a feast table. He was having a pleasant chat with other Gods, goblet in hand. The strong and sturdy Poseidon stood at a corner of the palace with his trident, intent on avoiding Zeus’ sight. Smiling, Zeus discarded the goblet in his hand and beckoned for his brother.

        “Pick one. You deserve it.”

        Five readied thunderbolts prepared by Zeus were placed in front of Poseidon, who raised his trident and slashed at them. One of the thunderbolts glowed before flying straight through the boundary of heaven into the realm of men. Zeus and Poseidon observed its trajectory. The thunderbolt flashed through the skies of the mortal realm. It hovered over the land as if indecisive in its destination before eventually firing out into the ocean. Only when waves surged tumultuously did Zeus take back the rest of the thunderbolts.

        “Who now stands in front of you is the God of the Sea. He shall proceed to the realm of men on my behalf to enforce my decree,” Zeus announced.

        There was not a shred of happiness on Poseidon’s face. Zeus pulled Poseidon into the seat next to him and placed a gilded wreath on his head. The Gods cheered and applauded, yet they ridiculed Poseidon behind his back.

        “I promised mother that I will grant you your own territory, brother.”

        “Stop pretending, Zeus.”

        “Don’t be like that, my dear brother. It’s better if you could stay in the realm of men, for both our sakes.”

        With that said, Poseidon fell to the realm of men in the previous bolt’s path, and heavily into the ocean. His legs were fragmented by the impact and from the wound, tentacle limbs grew. The limbs tangled, as if denoting Poseidon’s resentment and desire for power.