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        As the eldest brother, Poseidon would never obey Zeus’ orders, and continued his war with Athena in the realm of Humans for Medusa. Later, when Zeus ordered his children to withdraw from the realm, Poseidon cheered, believing that he had won. It was only then that he realized in shock: the oceans where he resided had become contaminated by the spilt blood. This was the moment he had become fully aware of his status. “If I cannot govern this little puddle well, what right do I have to admonish Zeus?” From then on, he governed all in the seas, his trident scepter shifting between brutality and justice.

        The arrogant Poseidon exterminated Demons who dared intrude into the seas. Gradually, he began to prefer the blue oceans to heaven. He lived in the sea, deeming himself the master of the currents. Everytime he slept behind the curtains of the blue seas, Poseidon would dream of travels in the seas, like dolphins would across the surface of the ocean. His kingdom is borderless, and the creatures of the seas sing him thankful songs. After a millennium, Poseidon was finally free from hatred and a desire for vengeance.

        Yet, good times never. Land-dwelling Demons have gradually strengthened, and their evil has impacted the coastal regions. Poseidon was compelled to return to Heaven and gather information about the wars on the land. Yet, what awaited him was a schism between Humans and Gods. Poseidon watched from the sidelines; at least now, he finally understood why Demons rampaged across the realms. Having lost the Humans’ faith, all Zeus and his children could was to to maintain their line of defense in the realm of man. However, Poseidon believed that Humans would eventually reach Heaven, and they would be able to tear off Zeus’ hypocritical facade.

        ‘Thankfully, I have never been on the same path as Zeus...’ Poseidon thought to himself smugly. Yet, he never realized that since the seeds of the power has been sown, Cthulhu had always resided within his consciousness. It had manipulated Poseidon into protecting its own bed... ‘The oceans in the realm of Humans are my new home!’